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Dennis Rodman Claims He Secured Release of Prisoner From North Korea

Dennis Rodman has claimed that he is behind the release of one of the US citizens who have been freed after they were detained in North Korea.

The former basketball star wrote to his ‘friend for life’ Kim Jong-Un and begged him for mercy in the case of Kenneth Bae – who had been imprisoned in the hermit kingdom for six months.

He was let go along with Matthew Miller and the pair are now reportedly on their way home.

In a letter sent to the communist dictator earlier this year that was shown to TMZ, Rodman wrote: ‘[I] would be eternally grateful for his safe return and make a big step towards bridging the gap between our two nations.’

He also compliments the leader’s progress, such as the construction of new water parks and airport terminals, in his ‘beautiful country’ and thanked him for a special stay.

The note continues: ‘I understand the crimes he committeed and ask you my dear friend, the highly respected Marshall Kim Jong Un for his release to show my country how loving and compassionate you and the DPRK can be.’

Rodman told the site he sent the letter and January and believes his trips to the communist country influenced the developments.

He visited North Korea three times last year, in February, March and December, but he said he had been threatened with sanctions by Washington if he continued his activities in the country.




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