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Father disciplines his daughter by calling her out on Facebook

Some people think that nearly any form of discipline that embarrasses the child or hurts their feelings is abusive.  Others think that spanking is wrong under any circumstances.  But when people are criticizing parental discipline, they often forget about the consequences of not teaching your child a lesson while they are young.  For black children, discipline is even more important because they can easily go to prison for things that white kids do all the time.

Social media makes discipline a little stranger, since posting your discipline online can make it go viral.  A father is being both applauded and criticized for the way he disciplined his daughter, who was lying about her age.  Upon finding out that his 10-year old was lying to boys and pretending to be older than she was, he made her wear a t-shirt telling everyone her age so there would be no confusion about it.

The father, who hails from Louisville, Kentucky is being seen by some as a very good dad who is protecting his daughter from things that might hurt her.  But he is also being also being criticized for embarrassing her.   Here is some of what Kevin Jones said about his daughter on Facebook:

“Since my beautiful daughter Janiya wants to be grown & lie about her age. Saying she is 14,15,16,&18 years old. She claims to be in love and going out with a boyfriend which is completely against my rules!!!! I uncovered that she has been doing this for quite some time. She also has snuck and obtained social media accounts, also against my rules!!!! Heres the consequences behind her actions. An age defining shirt. Yes people she is 5’9 & 10years old. ‪#‎BuddiesBarrettesBallBalls.”

Tell us what you think.  Is he a good father or did he go overboard?   Sometimes, talking to a child about what they did wrong may seem like a good idea, but doesn’t work.  What other options would this father have had?



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28 thoughts on “Father disciplines his daughter by calling her out on Facebook

  1. Will Davis

    There’s a Texas Judge who does the same things to violators of low-level or minor offenses. The methods have worked well. I don’t see a problem with a child wearing a shirt that announce her age. If it keeps the wolves away then it serves a purpose. A thing becomes embarrassing if you know you had something to hide and are now being exposed.

  2. Diva

    What is even more disturbing is why she would even be interested in dating, lying about her age to boys, and lying to her parents. Something else is going on with her, and I wouldn’t rest until it is unearthed.

    • Yocheved


      My first thought as well. Something is missing her life, and she’s trying to fill that space. Her parents need to get that sorted ASAP!

    • Mnyama

      Look at the dad’s Facebook page. Keep past the pics of the little girl. He is a rapper/club promoter type. More than likely, the girl is mimicking folks she has grown up around….

  3. Christopher

    I’m trying to understand why some would be worried about her embarrassment as opposed to the possibility of her being abused, kidnapped, molested and/or raped by someone that’s older than her.
    This is what is particularly curious. I applaud the father and I know if I had a 10 year old daughter as such, this would be the least of her worries.

  4. Don

    I agree for all the reasons that have been given and then some. She has obviously been influenced by the media and some kids get interested in the opposite sex at different ages. She has some degree of sophistication because she has been able to convince boys she is older than she is. The fact that she is 5ft. 9in. is a contributing factor to this. she has matured early. So the Dad is doing the right thing. Some Dads would even hint about a pistol somewhere in the message. Just sayin.

  5. Gladys

    The father is on point. I would also curtail her movement unless there’s a chaperon. Let her slowly earn his trust because what she did put the entire family at risk. She could have hooked up with some deranged individual who could have killed them all. I commend the father for being a dad

  6. t_99

    I asked my kids about this just to get their perspective. They understood the rationale for and even agreed with the punishment. They strongly disagreed with posting the picture on social media. They thought that would shame her more…and we all know what can happen to little girls that have low self-esteem.

  7. DONeal`

    The whole strategy behind the father doing this is for his daughter to be embarrassed. These namby pamby people that say, “Oh that is going to hurt her feelings…etc…etc” are full of it. Public humiliation is what its all about espeically since she went and got some social media accounts without her father knowing. This is much better than the broomstick that my Mom used to twirl like Bruce Lee. Kids today have it a little easier…well some of them!

    • Gigi623

      Love your comment, & along with broomstick I had shoes, pots & pans coming at me.! It worked!!! These children today need to be disciplined & whatever works for some May not work for others. What some people fail to realize we are parents not their friends & if embarrassment it what makes you wake up & get it together, then you shall be embarrassed. It’s all about saving my children, gramdchildren or whoever else comes under my roof!!!

  8. The Who's Who

    Excellent.. a BEATING given by her dad she’s get over and lie again becuz she wasn’t caught before..and anyhow dads generally don’t beat their daughters.. however, this way her image upon her peers is more substantial and she’s embarrassed..but here’s the problem this tall 10 year old has WAY TO MUCH TIME ON HER HANDS UNSUPERVISED-that’s the problem.. sneaking out of the house AT 10 years old chasing older males? What does that say about you DADDY?. here’s what he should do spend more time with your 10 year old daughter before someone snatch her right from under daddy’s nose GOD forbid..

  9. Allen Phillips

    The fact that she obviously looks older than 10 yrs old is exactly why she’s “acting out”. Boys her age are probably not as mature as she is. That being said, het father did the right thing. Public humiliation is a deterrent to low level crime. Her behavior is a low level crime because of the possible consequences. Someone could get seriously hurt behind her behavior including herself. If it deters her behavior,she’ll thank him later in life. Today let her be mad she’ll get over it.

  10. Big D

    Parents who do not discipline their children hate their children. Each child is different, SD on discipline comes in many different forms. This dad loves his child! But, as some readers suggested, there needs to be changes made at home to discourage the daughter’s current behavior pattern. Dad, keep trying. Don’the give up!!

  11. Di

    I don’t see this as a problem. He certainly needs to do something that might work because this young lady is heading for trouble. She could end up hurt or killed from her lies and sneaking around. Her parents should know where she is and who she is going with at all times. Lying is still wrong. A punishment isn’t supposed to be pleasant, then it wouldn’t be a real punishment.

  12. Phatchicknoz

    I ain’t got shyt to say to this dad but I WILL pat him on the back!!!! How can we dishonour this man for trying to save his daughter’s honour????? Obviously he IS doing his job ,sometimes they just got a few tricks up their sleeves (the sneaking out incident) but he is on the case! Embarrassment???? She more than likely posted pictures of her “14, 16 ,18 year old ” self so why shouldn’t he post her wearing her age T- shirt???? Less embarrassing and far less traumatic than trying to get away from some grown ass man that you lied to and can’t handle what he has in store for you when you try to be grown and disobey your dad’s rules by meeting up with someone you met on-line (it happens far too often). Her brain needs to catch up with her body and hormones, in the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing DAD!! She’ll thank you for it when she matures!

  13. Pernell Parham

    I applaud the father for doing this! Not trying to be funny, but society has the young girls far ahead sexually and it is a shame that girls as young as this young lady, are having sex, and usually with older young men. They watch these videos and think it’s okay, and the sad part is, the media targets this age demographic. They are young and impressionable, and if they start out young, imagine what they’re doing by the time they get 21.

  14. PK

    Two weeks ago I sat through an all day seminar called how to keep children safe in the faith community and it showed us how child molesters think and operate as they prey on children and how they scar most of them or destroy them for life.

    Some of what I saw and heard coming from these sick people (WHO by the way WERE NOT EMBARRASED) to say what they did and justify it made me want to throw up.

    As a father of color with two adult sons with daughters I support this man. I’m pretty sure if he had said or did nothing and his daughter had been hurt or even killed he would have been stereotypically villified by the media and some of you.

    For those who are attacking this father for what he did by embarrasing his daughter to protect her and keep her SAFE AND ALIVE should consider what the molesters reading this story might be thinking to do to yours if given the chance.

    Much of what this 10 year old will learn about men and how they should treat women and how a self respecting woman should behave will be shaped by the image and example of her FATHER.

    She’s blessed to have him. But where is the mother in all of this does she have one?

    We need more fathers like him. You are in my prayers brother.


  15. deloris

    He said she is 5’9 at 10 maybe that is a problem. No one believe she is that young and she is trying to compensate because she is so tall. That is tall at 10.


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