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‘Django Unchained’ Actress Who Was Allegedly Caught “Doing It” In a Car Explains Why She Exploded at Police

Reported by Ashley Naples

Oftentimes when a social issue is brought into mainstream media, and it involves an African-American, white Americans automatically accuse the African-American of using the “race card,” i.e. using racism as an excuse to absolve oneself of accountability after being involved in an unfortunate situation.

 Majority of the time that an African-American is accused of using the “race card” when caught in an uncomfortable situation, the accusation is inaccurate; however, actress Daniele Watts, who starred in Quentin Tarantino’s controversial film titled “Django Unchained,” which debuted in 2012, may have given white Americans a great opportunity to accuse her of using the “race card.”

The actress resorted to accusing a police officer of racially profiling her after he allegedly caught her “doing it” with her boyfriend, a white male, in a car parked near the CBS TV studios, according to witnesses. Despite the number of witnesses who have come forward to attest to seeing she and her boyfriend “in the act,” she claims they were only kissing.

Here’s more about Watts and why she accused the officer of racially profiling her:

Daniele Watts claimed she was harassed by Los Angeles Police Department officers after they arrested her as she straddled her boyfriend Brian James Lucas in a silver Mercedes in Studio City.

Now, she has blamed the killing of 18-year-old Brown in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson – as well as her own history of allegedly racial profiling – for why she ‘exploded’ at police.

Watts also told listeners that witnessing her black father being profiled by a white policeman when she was 16 had influenced her to pull the race card on officers on September 11, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The actress was detained by LAPD Sargaent Jim Parker after he responded to complaints that a couple was engaging in a ‘lewd sex act’ and she refused to provide identification when asked.

Although Watts was released with no charges at the time, a subsequent investigation ‘revealed witnesses who were willing to provide evidence of a criminal act,’ said a department spokesman.

Two weeks ago, the star and Lucas were charged with misdemeanor lewd conduct by the Los Angeles city attorney’s office. The couple have said they are ‘appalled’ by the charges.

As the case hit the headlines in September, Watts was lambasted for ‘crying wolf’ by numerous civil rights activists, including Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President, Earl Ofari Hutchinson.




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