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White Columnist Refers to Michael Brown as an ‘Animal,’ Protestors as ‘Packs of Racists’

Reported by Ashley Naples

Journalists are expected to have the skill of remaining objective, no matter how much something affects their personal beliefs. Don Surber, a white columnist who has worked for Charleston Daily Mail for more than 30 years, has failed to reveal his ability to report objectively — at least when the story he’s reporting on has anything to do with Black people.

The disturbed bigot resorted to name-calling when describing the incidents surrounding the tragic Michael Brown shooting that occurred in Ferguson, MO. Although all of the details surrounding the events that led up to Brown’s death have not been released to the public, Surber has already jumped to conclusions about Brown’s life and reasons why it needed to be terminated prematurely.

Surber did not share his thoughts about Brown and Ferguson protestors in the Charleston Daily Mail; however, he did share his thoughts on a personal website that has been brought to the attention of the general public and has sparked outrage.

Here’s what Surber had to say about Brown:

This summer I had an epiphany as I watched packs of racists riot in Ferguson, Missouri, in support of a gigantic thug who was higher than a kite when he attacked Ferguson Police Department Officer Darren Wilson, who unfortunately had to put this animal down.

When his remarks were not received with an applause, the bigoted man decided to correct his original post with this:

UPDATE: I made a factual error. Michael Brown was not an animal but a man. Big. Brutal. High. His death was a justifiable homicide and not a putting down.

Fortunately, Surber’s remarks reached his editors at the Charleston Daily Mail, which subsequently fired him. “He selected words that were unfortunate, inflammatory and, in our view, inexcusable,” editor Brad McElhinny said. “It’s his own blog, but still, he’s known as a Daily Mail editorial columnist and many readers seemed to perceive the views stated to reflect on the Daily Mail’s editorial policy.”


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29 thoughts on “White Columnist Refers to Michael Brown as an ‘Animal,’ Protestors as ‘Packs of Racists’

  1. Kimberly Solomon

    Columnist Don Surber of the Charleston Daily Mail, exibited the professionalism and tact of a rabbit dog, therefore his editor and handler decided it was fitting to put him down, for the good of the Daily Mail.

    • L.A. Davis

      Rabid as in having “rabies”. Rabbit is another species of mammal. Come on now if you are going to leave a comment at least show some modicum of intelligence.

      • reaper

        Deal with the issue instead of being the grammar/spelling police—-Everyone understood what they meant except you in your attempt to pusillanimously belittle and attack someone and misdirect from the subject at hand—–Modicum my ass

      • Harry Schwarzy

        You said, “Rabid as in having “rabies”. Rabbit is another specie of mammals” what is this supposed to mean? Craziness. Your problem LA Davis is that you think you know too much but you have a deficiency of “modicum of intelligence”. You are an intellectual shithead.

  2. James Tucker

    Did they test Officer Wilson for drugs or being under the influence?
    What is Officer Wilson background? Does he drink? Does he use drugs? Did they do an exam to determine what he had in his system? Some officers stop Blacks to harass and intimidate them. Did Officer Wilson have race relation training to deal with Blacks?

    The writer is a sick man….and a racist. He would not have made that statement if the victim was white…..in fact Officer Wilson would probably have treated the white person different. He would be under the jail if the victim was white. Black lives matter!

  3. Creegal

    Columnists are not always the smartest folks around…especially old fugly white racist ones! He’s still an old skool Christian thug…flapping his big stupid assed mouth talking nothing but shit!

  4. Rip

    I think everyone is over reacting…This guy was just saying how he felt about Brown and the situation..and personally i wasnt offended. I know you’ve heard worse. I mean i thought stick and stones suppose to break your bones………….but its none of my business.

  5. Rev. George Brooks

    Why doesn’t Boyce Watkins, and all others affiliated with Your Black World use the website to GET ON THE CASE of these racist whites, instead of just hiding, and wanting the public to speak to such issues, ALONE. Yes, we gladly blast every racist cracker that spew their racism, BUT this website, and other black websites, and TV channels like TV One and BET, need to get on the case, and stop hiding and acting like chickens. All you all do is but this mess on here, and then sit still, as if your lips are sealed, and typing hands are broken. You all are suppose to be top journalists, and equipped to take on these white devils. So start each case off with a major BLAST from Your Black World, and follow with us, the readers, giving our comments. — Rev. George Brooks

  6. Clifford Sanders

    It’s unfortunate that we live in a racist society who freely accepts murder as the status quo! One day we will have real men who decide that life is precious and cannot be bartered with. If you become a god and take a life, then you should pay for it.

  7. Nikki from The Bronx

    Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    He needed to lose his job (right along with that any respect as an objective writer or journalist went out the window as well). He was surely a coward because he never wrote in the newspaper his views or opinions because he knew what he was doing were not going to be tolerated by neither his boss nor the newspaper that employed him. What red flags did the city or his boss overlook because things like this don’t just happen overnight. It would appear that this man has always thought these unsympathetic and malicious thoughts all his life and yet nobody didn’t call him on it, just sayin! So he created his webpage so that he could vehemently spew his hatred and bigoted thoughts to anyone who read his hateful rage toward Black Americans. Only cowards do what he did (hid behind his webpage and thought it was safe to say whatever he wanted and get away with it)! I guess whose laughing now because I think he thought his behavior was cunning and gave him a sense of refuge.
    Peace Out!

  8. ChazzE

    Journalists are supposed to be objective. Columnists are required only to be honest. He was and, in revealing his racist attitude, got his just desserts.

  9. Di

    I think he needs to define error. He said what he meant and meant what he said. I am learning how to ignore ignorant people. I just don’t support any company that hires these type of people. Most of the time you don’t threat an animal the way Brown was treated. Shot 8 times and left in the Street for 4? Should we make it a law we can shoot all high people even the ones high on alcohol?

  10. J. D. Hill

    Don Surber selected words that were not unfortiunate. His words were deliberately calculated to accurately describe his sentiments and a heart devoid of any kind of regard for the lives of Black people. For “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”.

  11. shaun bryant


  12. childofthesixties

    If this cock-eyed redneck was not there, how in the hell can he speak on the topic at all! White folks love to add their fifteen seconds of fame to any and everything, like their forefathers they think they are Gods gift to the world! Yes, they are a gift …to the Devil!!

    • Greg Hutchinson

      Childofthesixties, I’m another child of the sixties, since that’s when I graduated from high school. I’m white and don’t consider myself God’s gift to anybody, including my Japanese wife. Your point about the reporting is valid. Why do you have to go on and generalize about whites? Isn’t that a kind of racism too? Or is it only racism when it goes from white folks to persons of color?

  13. Greg Hutchinson

    Charleston has come a long way since my racist uncle lived there. Like me, he was from Seattle, but years in the navy made it easy for him to adopt an instant Southern accent and spout Charlestonian views — among them, that “good negroes” (sometimes with a slip towards “nigroes”) stepped off the sidewalk in Charleston, when a white man or woman passed, and only “troublemakers” stayed on the sidewalk. It’s a relief to know things have improved on the surface, anyway. Hate to see a man lose his job, usually; but not in this case. (Yes, I’m white and getting older every day. Whiter too. Not enough sun.)


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