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EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn prosecutor to leave office to help prisoners fighting to prove innocence

A top Brooklyn prosecutor who ran for district attorney before joining forces with the eventual winner last fall is leaving the office to represent prisoners fighting to prove their innocence, the Daily News has learned.

Abe George was a candidate against longtime DA Charles Hynes, but he bowed out of the race and campaigned for Kenneth Thompson.

He was later appointed deputy bureau chief of narcotics but decided to move on and serve as general counsel at the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice, an organization that challenges wrongful convictions and helps exonerees reintegrate into society.

“I look forward to helping Jeff and his foundation ensure innocent men aren’t trapped in our state prison system,” George said Wednesday.

Deskovic, who started his foundation after clearing his own name of a rape and murder conviction, said he’s “thrilled” by the hire, adding it will help his group “fully concentrate on tackling the huge problem of wrongful convictions.”

George, 35, was a Manhattan prosecutor before jumping into politics.

Teaming up with Thompson was credited with paving the way to the historic unseating of Hynes after 24 years as DA last November.

“The issues that I campaigned on — fixing our wrongful-conviction problem, reforming our discriminatory marijuana policies and fighting crime in a smarter way — seem to be well on their way in Mr. Thompson’s office,” George said in a statement.




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