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EXCLUSIVE: Woman woke up while allegedly being raped by legal eagle Sandy Rubenstein after party for Rev. Al Sharpton, police suspect she was may have been penetrated by object, source says

The woman allegedly raped by Sanford Rubenstein awoke in the middle of the encounter to find she was having sex with the powerhouse attorney, who police suspect may have used an object to penetrate her, a law enforcement source told the Daily News.

The latest gruesome details of the alleged incident came as five cops entered Rubenstein’s swank E. 64th St. building — possibly to search for the object.

“It’s a classic he said, she said. She’s claiming she was attacked. He said it was consensual,” a police source said of the incident following the Rev. Al Sharpton’s 60th birthday bash.

The father of the victim, meanwhile, would only tell the Daily News his daughter is doing “bad.”

The conflicting versions of the Oct. 1 encounter — first reported at NYDailyNews.com — came as the timeline of events leading up to it became more clear and Sharpton struggled with the allegations against one of his closest allies. Rubenstein is representing the family of Eric Garner in their wrongful death lawsuit against the city.

“I don’t care how close we are, if he’s wrong, he’s wrong,” Sharpton said. “If he’s right we’ll see.”

A law enforcement source said the victim — a business executive and high-ranking official at Sharpton’s National Action Network — was “a little drunk” when leaving the celebration at the pricey Four Seasons restaurant with a friend and Rubenstein, one of the city’s top civil rights lawyers.

“She’s a credible woman. But anytime alcohol is involved things get complicated,” a police source said.




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