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Family of Former Bad Boy Rapper Loon Seeks Community Support

Things have definitely changed for Loon.

The former Bad Boy rap star, who now goes by the name of Amir Junaid Muhadith, is currently serving a 14-year bid in lockdown after being arrested in Belgium in 2011 for trying to enter the country after being indicted on drug trafficking charges in North Carolina some years ago, reports AllHipHop.com.

As a result, Amir’s family is reaching out to the community for support.

In a letter, the family details their current situation and requests financial assistance from the community. According to their Fundrazr account, Amir’s family has received almost $$11,112 in support.

The following is the entire letter from the family:

HELP for The Family & Children of Amir Junaid Muhadith

Since Amir’s incarceration in 2011 the family of Amir have been through many trials & tribulations; from leaving their residence in muslims land, bank accounts frozen, refused rights to housing in the US to appearing in US courts to f!ght for shelter.

Having shared some of the few issues the family has faced since Amir’s incarceration and with Amir been sentenced to 14years in Prison this month we turn to you to asist the family & children of Amir from this trail.

We ask you today to relieve the financial and emotional burden the family is suffering as Narrated by Um Salama: I said,




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