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Father Imprisoned For Killing a Man Who His Daughter Falsely Accused of Rαpe

Reported by Ashley Naples

Although mainstream media and social groups attempt to paint Black men as inadequate fathers and providers, here is a classic case of a father who went through extreme measures to protect his daughter and is now forced to spend two years in prison for it.

Willie Mayes (pictured with his daughter) and an angry mob of men attacked Donald Robinson on Sept. 2, 2013 after Mayes’ daughter, Latigwa, accused Robinson of rαping her and being a seχ offender. The attack, captured on video, shows the mob approaching Robinson and beating him mercilessly. Although he stumbled away from the mob, he later fell ill and died as a result of the attack.

It turns out the that young woman was upset with Robinson for breaking into a boardinghouse and assaulting her friend. She felt as if the justice system failed to punish him adequately and decided to take matters into her own hands by manipulating the emotions of the men in her community to give him the punishment she felt he really deserves. Unfortunately, a judge felt like the community went too far to protect the girl from what they were tricked into believing was a violent criminal.

Here’s more about the story:

A 20-year-old woman has been jailed for six years after she falsely accused a man of rape then led a gang to beat him to death.

Latiqwa Mayes was enraged that her victim Donald Robinson had not received a stricter sentence for breaking into her room and assaulting her friend at a boardinghouse.

Months later, she saw him walking down the street in Baltimore, Maryland, and yelled: ‘He rαped me! He’s a seχ offender!’

According to the Baltimore Sun, her father, Willie Mayes, rushed over and a group of teenagers playing basketball nearby joined to hold Robinson down.

Surveillance footage of the attack on September 2, 2013, then showed passers-by joining the attack to kick and punch Robinson as Latiqwa Mayes pepper-sprayed him.

Robinson stumbled away from the scene but hours later fell ill.

He was pronounced dead in hospital and an autopsy stated the beating as the cause of death.

Slamming Latiqwa Mayes, who has been in solitary confinement since September 2013, Judge Timothy Doory said Robinson’s offense did ‘not justify a call to the community to impose physical, violent retribution.’

Joshua Insley, defending, argued Robinson was a dangerous seχ offender that should have been off the streets and violated his parole.

He said: ‘They wanted him to never come back, with good reason.’

However, Judge Doory dismissed the claims, insisting they ‘went too far’.

Latiqwa and Willie Mayes both pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

They were each sentenced to 10 years in prison, however Latiqwa will serve six and Willie will serve two, with the other years suspended.

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5 thoughts on “Father Imprisoned For Killing a Man Who His Daughter Falsely Accused of Rαpe

  1. Anonymous

    A false accusation that lead to lives being harmed.

    This is not about a father trying to protect his daughter.

    This is about a daughter whose lies to her father, led to some severe outcomes.

    Deceit misleads people into making choices they might otherwise wouldn’t have done.

  2. Christopher

    This is the exact kind of thing that the Lincoln University president was talking about in referencing lies that women tell about who have been “raped”. I, by no means, feel that rape is justifiable, but falsely accusing someone is just as dangerous.

  3. ericaf

    She needs to do time for murder, she caused the life of a human being to b taken because of a lie, now not only her father but the men she caused to be involved in the beating have to live with the fact that they caused the death of someone. Shameful


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