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Ferguson Protesters Anticipate Bad News In Michael Brown Case

Demonstrators calling for the arrest of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, are anticipating that the officer will not be charged. Many of them are predicting widespread protests if the grand jury reviewing the case decides to acquit Wilson.

A crowd of around 100 gathered Monday along South Florissant Road, with many calling for the arrest of Wilson, who killed Brown in this St. Louis suburb on Aug. 9. Two demonstrators, one of whom was a state senator, were taken into custody outside the Ferguson Police Department after they blocked the street and refused to move.

Wilson’s case is under review by a St. Louis County grand jury, which has until January 2015 to decide whether or not to indict Wilson. The jury is receiving evidence about the case on the same schedule as the police, who are investigating separately.

As the protests, which began shortly after Brown’s death, stretch into the fall, the crowds have thinned, the national media presence has faded, and hot cocoa and tea have replaced the bottles of ice-cold water that were seen during the early days of the demonstrations. Gone, too, are the military-style police vehicles that were widely seen as an over-the-top reaction to many of the protests; the vehicles have been replaced by police officers wearing normal uniforms.

On Monday, however, in the parking lot across from the police station, protesters recited chants such as “Mike Brown means … We got to fight back!” Many of the demonstrators, as well as officials in Ferguson, are preparing for news about Wilson’s fate that could reignite massive demonstrations in the town.




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4 thoughts on “Ferguson Protesters Anticipate Bad News In Michael Brown Case

  1. Kaye

    Black culture is so backwards to where nothing shocks me anymore. From marching when a white kills one of us to not snitching if a black kills another. Listening and exposing kids to rap but then asking “whats happening to our youth”. Making fun of African derived/deadly Ebola but donating money to the ice bucket challenge. Complaints about the lack of black economics but majority wont/dont shop black owned. Ferguson was another example of how we don’t want to rise. Folks looting their town but won’t go six blocks further to a white neighborhood. Darren had more than half a million donated to him Mike Browns money went to new Jordan’s, weave, and the ice bucket chchallenge. Whites and other races see how we treat eachother so why would they respect us? Folks made hella Mike Brown shirts and most companies said the money would be recycled to make more shirts. Wtf? Folks care more about their fashion than sending that money to Mike Browns family or start up an actual foundation on his behalf. And trust you will not see those shirts next year being worn.

  2. Debo

    In the event they’re no charges brought against that inbred officer, I blame the entire State of MO for mishandling this case. He claims there was a struggle and he feared for his life, but he gets out of his squad car and fire’s over 7 rounds at an unarmed Michael Brown? If the Grand Jury buys that, then I can sell them the Brooklyn Bridge! 《-_-》


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