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Exclusive: Tanee McCall Discusses Her New Film, The End Again, and Opens Up About Her Marriage to Columbus Short

If there was ever a movie where art imitates life, it’s the new short film The End Again, starring Columbus Short and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Tanee McCall. Short and McCall portray Joe Maxwell and Jane Salmon, a couple who are ending their five-year relationship. The film begins with the day Joe and Jane are preparing to move out of their home.

During their move, the couple share memories and rehash old arguments. But The End Again doesn’t end there.

The short film is a prequel to the forthcoming feature-length film Openended, which reunites Joe and Jane for a single day to mourn the loss of a mutual friend and to confront unresolved feelings. Crystle Roberson, the director; Felicia Pride, the writer-producer; and Latisha Fortune, the producer, are currently raising funds for the feature film via their Indiegogo campaign. The campaign started on Sept. 29 and will close on Nov. 4, 2014.

Over the last year, Short and McCall’s public life has been thrown into the spotlight. The Root recently had the opportunity to sit down with McCall to discuss her role in the film, as well as her personal life.

The Root: Can you give our readers a brief rundown of your background and career?

Tanee McCall: My background is in the arts. I went to performing arts boarding school and I went to college for dance, but I have always done theater and dancing simultaneously. But with dancing, your career is a lot shorter, so I definitely wanted to hit that first because you aren’t dancing into your 50s professionally. My goal was always to dance and then act.




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