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Former CNN employee says he was fired and replaced by a white guy

CNN is gaining a reputation for racial discrimination after a $5 million dollar lawsuit was filed against the network by a former employee.  According to the suit, a field producer by the name of Stanley Wilson was mistreated by his supervisor, who wanted him out of the network.  The National Association of Black Journalists has long been concerned with the lack of diversity on many major networks, including CNN, FOX and MSNBC, especially in the night time slots and behind the camera.

According to the NABJ, the group “is concerned about the atmosphere for African Americans at CNN.”

According to the site PMCDeadline.com: 

“In the suit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Wilson claims that Peter Janos, who served as his immediate or general supervisor for his entire 17 years at CNN, ‘never liked Plaintiff and never wanted him at the [Los Angeles] bureau because of Plaintiff’s protected characteristics, including his race, color and ancestry, among other things.”

Wilson put in 17 years with CNN as a producer before he was fired.  He’s 51 years old now and is seeking to put an end to what he feels was disparate treatment.  He also says that his firing was a form of retaliation against his complaints about his treatment and use of benefits.

On the same day that the suit was filed, Turner Broadcasting, the parent company of CNN, announced that it was cutting its staff by 10 percent.

Wilson says there is no justification for the network claiming that his work wasn’t good enough.  He says that he has won several awards for his reporting over the years, and was seen as a model employee.  In the year 2000, he was the first African American producer to be placed in the Los Angeles bureau and was the only black man in the entire western region until his termination.

Wilson says that his problems started when he began working with Janos in 2004.  Wilson says that despite trying to move up in the company, he was also neglected and denied opportunity.   He also says that Janos kept giving him bad reviews, which he didn’t deserve.

Wilson says that after complaining to the Human Resources Department within the network, he was perceived as a liability.  He also says that Janos was the reason that no black men could be hired by the network in that region.   Things worsened for Wilson when his wife had a baby in 2013 and he took five weeks off for paternity.   That’s when he says a younger and less experienced white male was moved into his position.

Not only was Wilson terminated, but he didn’t even get the two weeks separation pay which he says is a standard within the company.  Maybe things are going to be changing at CNN.

So, we ask you: Do you feel, as a person of color, that CNN represents who you are?




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10 thoughts on “Former CNN employee says he was fired and replaced by a white guy

  1. Chris40

    “So, we ask you: Do you feel, as a person of color, that CNN represents who you are?”

    Personally, I’m not a “person of color” I’m Black!!!! I don’t care if CNN represent me. I know I have to support/build Black media.

  2. Johnlee

    If we have leaned anything over the last few years is that these token blacks don’t represent anyone but their own self interest. I could care less if they fired every black person at CNN. Blacks working at these racist white media outlets have no bearing on black Americans as a whole. If he feels that he’s been discriminatd against then he and others like him should do what he’s doing, sue them. I for one am tired of hearing these educated Negros crying about what racist whites wont do for them

  3. Susan Newton

    Why is it that he never advocated for more blacks to work at CNN before this happen to him. Sometimes, token Black people feel that their jobs are protected because they are the only one. Blacks have to document every little incident, they come encounter with, that is unjust on the job. They really need to
    keep a dairy.

    I would not ever want to be the ONLY black on the job, but I know that sometimes you cannot help it. I have been the ONLY on jobs before because I never seen any blacks people come in for interviews…….

    Nevertheless, I feel he should sue and call for the Labor Division to do an investigation into the hiring practices of CNN.


  4. Charles Lee Sanders

    So what, TOKEN, what else seems to be NEW, that SHOULDN’T be to YOU? Try this: WAKE UP & SMELLLLL DA COFFEE, Mr. SOFTEE!!

  5. ceceilia

    Each of our people (Black) deserve an opportunity for justice! It may hard to believe but You can be the ONLY AT A STATE GOVERNMENT JOB! Get educated– you must also know your rights. Look it up at EEOC or talk to an Employment Lawyer, Human Rights are guaranteed to all Americans – We are Americans too!

    Black people have fought and died for a county where JIM CROW still continues in 2014 it is more subtle. The key is not to ignore because the RACISTS WONT BE IGNORED. Watch for the Workplace Bully hiding behind their white sheets. We do not live in a COLOR BLIND POST RACIAL SOCIETY. Its just the smoke screen our people have been lured into believing. Look at the 2-3% IT hiring in Silcon Valley and elsewhere! The media and Newspapers run close behind.

    It is time for the US government to give our people our REPARATIONS. This is not a handout but a much deserve fair share equalizer. Reparations can take many forms other than money. Like diminish Student Loan Debt for example.

    The years of Predatory Lending, Criminalizing our men for drugs while White males now get to sell it Legally, Discriminatory Housing and Business Practices (SBA had the lowest loan rate to AA’s this last year) call for a moral right policy in this country to give Blacks Human Rights to begin a real dialog to repair the pain and
    humiliation that has been heaped on our people much too long. If we are not FREE than NOBODY is FREE!

    This disparate treatment problem hurts all of America not just Blacks. Gee we might have found a cure to Cancer by now if Race was not always a factor to stop progress in this Country.

  6. tewdrowos


  7. Beautiful Beaulah

    We need ownership not j.o.bs handed out by whiteys!!! They will incarcerate you, murder you
    before giving up any real power or significant financial power.
    They like the world they created and plan to
    keep it that way, White Man On Top!!!

  8. Blackbeard

    Unification on all levels.
    But first recognizing what brings us together as a whole? Tired of discrimination, tired of the false imprisonment, tired of this issue that issue, tired of the lack of all across the board? Tired of the using, the manipulation, the assults, the murder, even till this day it shows in 2014 amerikkka still do not have a problem killin our kids!!! Point blank.
    We as a people need to recognize we are strong in numbers and our combined finances ecceed the trillion mark in one year just behind one just one product! Pick your choice cigarettes/liquor/clothin. What we spend on all three within a year is not only sad but pathetic. amerikkka on want the money we spend and if its possible to get rid of you while taking your finances is more the merrier! !
    We as a people need to stop spending our hard earned dollar with those who rather kill you and incarcerate your chidren!! Just as much as stop patronizing those foreigners who dont care about you or I and just want our money. We the people need to be more responsible with our finances and why shouldn’t we be look at this case that is fact
    Banks are real quick to give foreigners li ans faster than its own black citizens and allow these foreigners who are considered terrorist but shown respect, love, and appreciation in racists amerikkka set up shop in our neighborhoods and eventually they pick up the racist attitudes. Amerikkka is at war with the middle east to protect Isitreal [Isreal] but yet they get all kids of hep and assistance. Yet you and I only get ridiculed, harassed, assulted, falsely incarcerated, and eventually MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD!!!
    Am I really surprised, do I really care how amerikka treat black people NO and YES.
    NO I dont care because we need to unify until then expect nothing different other than more terroristic acts committed against people of color!
    YES I DO CARE because noone should lose their life because of someone elses insecurities or defective mentality. If you recoginize how we have been treated sice our kidnapping you would realize only a devil would do the things thats being done to a people who never lifted a hand to stop the brutality.
    Think about that! Then think about thisif we controlled our finances and not spend our money with them, watch their shows, those in incarcerated all takin their cases to trail instead of coping out, not share our thoughts or intentions what u think will happen? I can guarantee you wont get murdered!!!


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