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Fort Campbell removes disturbing Halloween display

Officials have confirmed that an offensive Halloween display at a Fort Campbell residence has been removed.

A ClarksvilleNow.com reader sent a photo of the display, which shows what appears to be a black family hanging from a tree in a yard on Litwin St.

The child in the display has a knife in its back and one of the figures holds a sign that is not legible in the photo.

Fort Campbell Public Affairs said they are aware of the display and have since had it taken down from the yard.

Brendalyn Carpenter with Public Affairs said they received a report of a Halloween decoration that was “offensive in nature” and contacted authorities to investigate. The occupant was informed of the concerns made by the community and removed the display.

Carpenter said it was her understanding that the display was not intended to be offensive, but authorities deemed it could be interpreted as such. She said the occupant did extend an apology about the decorations.

“Displays of an offensive nature are not reflective of Army values and the family-friendly environment provided for employees and residents of the Fort Campbell community,” Carpenter said.




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4 thoughts on “Fort Campbell removes disturbing Halloween display

  1. proudtobeblack

    Apologized?!! They know what They can do with that apology!!! Often times things that are wished on others will happen to you.

  2. ericaf

    They knew exactly what they were doing. If it wasn’t meant to offend, use white “dolls” instead of black ones. It would be interesting to know what position is held by the occupants of the house. If he’s in a position of authority over black people he should be fired or demoted.


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