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Freeway Ricky Ross says hip-hop is used as a government tool

During an interview with Alex Jones of INFOWARS, former drug trafficker turned author Rick
Ross alleged that hip-hop is a government weapon.

“I believe that what they’ve done is that they’ve taken hip-hop and made it glorious to be a drug dealer,” explained Ross. “You know when I sold drugs, I hid. I didn’t want anybody to know I sold drugs, but now, they’ve got these guys who’ve never sold drugs.” Ross then brought up how the rapper Rick Ross, who worked as a corrections officer and stole the former drug dealer’s identity.

“The message that it tells our kids is that if you go out, sell drugs, then you can become a great rock star… and never go to prison,” noted Ross. “That’s a false message to be giving people who feel hopeless.”

When asked if he was angry at rapper Rick Ross for stealing his identity, the real Rick Ross says he’s “angry at the whole culture.” Ross says he’s not really upset at the rapper because he doesn’t believe the rapper understands that he’s a pawn in a much larger game.

Ross noted that it’s harder for him to get into schools and teach kids an anti-drug message than it is for a rapper to reach kids.

Ross explained that the hip hop lifestyle doesn’t lead to riches, but to prison, where you “get your lights turned off at 7:00pm” and they give you a job. He says as a prisoner, you’ll make .25 cents an hour for a job that pays $35.00 an hour on the street. “And then they charge you as much as .50 cent a minute for a phone call,” added Ross.

“So you gotta work two hours to talk to your wife or son or daughter for two minutes?” asked Jones, to which Ross replied, “Yup.”

Alex Jones pointed out that part of the reason people can’t find jobs is because prison labor is becoming America’s new labor force.

Watch the video here:

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13 thoughts on “Freeway Ricky Ross says hip-hop is used as a government tool

  1. Billy_Ray_Valentine

    It wouldn’t matter if Corrections Corporation of Amerikkk came out and admitted it uses Rap Music and Rappers to funnel Blacks into the prison industrial complex these fools would still continue to consume this poison.

    • Max

      Let’s just keep passing the blame to “whitey” for all of black America’s problems. White people didn’t create hip hop. The government isn’t producing hip hop. You have black “parents” themselves running around trying to act like Lil Wayne! What hope does the child have?! I am constantly dumbfounded when I look at the conversations between my black friends on Facebook. Either there is an ebonics keyboard app that i am unaware of or these individuals are taking the time to misspell damn near every word to match street slang. Sad stuff.

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  3. Cincere

    @ Mr. Valentine I agree with you 100 percent. I don’t understand why hip-hop is a God to the black community? Since Pac died I don’t listen to today’s hip-hop, I stick to jazz.

  4. Patti Peoples

    This isn’t the first time that hip-hop,and it’s \stars,\ have been accused of being tools for the \New World Order\ and all who subscribe to that philosophy. The responder who commented on the attitudes being
    accepting after Tupac died I agree with too.The \toe-hold\ that the so-called \world-of-entertainment\ has goes back to the days of \bread and circus\ as my daughter reminds me; the Roman Empire !

  5. RJ Peters

    I worked for CCA. Let me tell you how they did me. I transferred to a facility in arizona and was immediately profiled because I have tattoos. Because of my tattoos and and facebook pics that were 9 yrs old taken in a club. I was terminated for associate and support of a prison street gang in houston texas. I have no criminal felony record. I have an honorable discharge from the army. I even transferred with high recommendations from my previous facility. But I was told by the warden it doesn’t matter what I say my tattoos mean, it means what they say it meant. And I was told by the investigator that basically coming to work on time, every day, on my off days and on my mandatory es wasn’t good enough in the life of corrections. Am I sure I’m right for corrections. I’ve never felt so disrespected and criminalized in my life. 3 weeks at the new facility I was terminated. Didn’t do anything wrong. I filed for unemployment and they tried to dispute it but couldn’t prove my misconduct & policy breaking as they said.

  6. Herman Williams III

    I really hate having to be the one to constantly harp on this, but understand that we, as a people of color have only called ourselves Black, for the last 50 years. Think about it — humans have been on planet earth — the universe for ga-billions of years, and only now, in the last 50 years of HUman existence a people have identified themselves as Black, and actually moved backwards in time.

    You’ll want to hate me, be if you take a few minutes to read this essay \The Disease Called Blackness\ you’ll realize that hip-hop is just a mild symptom of perhaps the greatest disaster ever. The moment one of the greatest people on earth, chose to become the personification of defeat.

    Blackness is NOT a fact, it is an racist, separatist, IDEOLOGY

    We are sooo much more, and our identities should be symbiotic with who and what we really are – not some ideology created from the depths of frustration. I have nothing to gain for taking the opposite stand against what I believe was a huge mistake by the Babyboomers.

    Fifty years is long enough to suffer for the mistakes made by folks with good intentions.


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