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Gangsta Rap Pioneer Ice Cube Films Segment With Elmo

Reported by Ashley Naples

Rapper/filmmaker Ice Cube is known as the pioneer of “gangsta rap,” i.e. an uncensored form of expression through music, but he’s managed to drastically change his image in entertainment over the years. He’s grown from a member of the controversial N*ggas With Attitudes (NWA) gangsta rap trio to being one of the leading creators of Black films centered around family and community.

The drastic change in his brand hasn’t completely gone over well with fans of his gangsta rap persona, who are used to hearing him discuss violence and other explicit things. As a married man and father of five children, it should be understood as to why he’d choose to change his image.

In his latest collaboration on the TV screen, Ice Cube has partnered with the classic children’s show “Sesame Street” to expand the youth’s vocabulary with the show’s famous character Elmo. The duo explain the definition of the word “astounding” and provide examples via magic tricks. Ice Cube starts off by making a penny disappear at the wave of a wand. He later makes a dinosaur appear in a hat and then changes himself into an actual ice cube.

Comments on the clip, posted onto YouTube, range between people accusing him of being a sellout and others complimenting him for being able to mature into a family man after holding the image of a gangsta rapper.

Username Khaled Alotaibi commented: “In 1988, would you have ever believed that Ice Cube, Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, himself, would ever be on Sesame Street?? Times have definitely changed…Check out this video of Cube doing magic tricks for Elmo. It’s guaranteed you will find it ASTOUNDING.”
Another commenter, going by username of AZLil7 wrote: “His true fans will always have his back it takes a lot of balls to do all these kids things because rappers dont wanna ruin their ‘street cred.'”
A commenter under username Iotep Maggoti posted a sarcastic comment, alluding to Ice Cube being a sellout: “Yep ice cube didn’t corporatelly [sic]sell out or nothing.”

Watch the video below:


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