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“Go Back to Africa” chants protesters

Those who want the Confederate flag to continue flying outside a Virginia museum rumbled with protesters of the traitorous who are vying to have it moved indoors.

As WSET reported, an announcement by officials that state law is with supporters of the flag resulted in a clash between civil rights activists and Confederacy sympathizers.

“Then you need to go back to Africa!” responded Ed Clark, second lieutenant commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, when confronted by civil rights activists.

After the Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History asked the City Council to remove the flag from a monument and place it inside the museum, Confederacy heritage groups threw their advocacy team into high gear in support of the racist symbol.

“What community in the United States of America can continue to fly a symbol of hate like that?” asked Rev. Avon Keen, President of the Danville-Pittsylvania County chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

“If the Jewish community saw a Nazi flag flying out here it would come today.

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10 thoughts on ““Go Back to Africa” chants protesters

  1. Jay Cee

    And the protestors should shout back, Go back to Poland. Go back to Russia. Go back to Ireland. Go back to Italy. And, so on and so forth. The ancestors of Black people were here long before the ancestors of anybody doing the shouting.

    • Eleganthippy

      Agreed Jay Cee. Unless you’re a native American, you aren’t REALLY from here. Unfortunately, the black community probably didn’t make a large enough showing to tilt scale.

  2. jimmy

    this site violates the google rules on racism. You are hating on another race I will turn you in and you will lose your adsense account.

  3. Juandero

    If we to go back to Africa, which is a continent by the way, then they should take their ass back to England from which their ancestors came from. They think they own this country but they don’t! They annexed it and turn it to a breeding ground for pure hatred and greed that they know so well about. Now since they are showing their true image of hatred, its time to put to rest this post racial bullshit cause that’s a lie that can’t keep being told.

  4. Rodney

    We’ll go back to Africa just as soon as you carry your white ass back to Europe. This ain’t your country this is just stolen property that needs to be returned to its rightful owners. White people need to get a grip….!


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