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Anonymous Is Going To War With The KKK Over Ferguson Protests

Members of the hacker collective Anonymous are targeting the Ku Klux Klan after the designated hate group reportedly threatened protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. The hackers claim to have seized two KKK Twitter accounts and say that they have launched denial-of-service attacks against a number of white supremacist websites affiliated with the Klan. The group has also publicized personal information allegedly belonging to KKK members.

“We want the KKK gone, forever,” a person going by the username “SiX” told The Huffington Post on Monday in an Anonymous Internet Relay Chat about the operation. “Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing.”

The latest campaign, #OpKKK, began on or around Friday, after the KKK’s Missouri chapter reportedly threatened to use “lethal force” against people protesting the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by a policeman in Ferguson. Tensions in the Missouri town have escalated in recent days as protesters await a grand jury’s decision about whether or not to indict the police officer, Darren Wilson.

On Sunday, Anonymous members claimed to have taken over a Twitter account, @KuKluxKlanUSA, which they said was run by an official Klan member. They also said they had taken down various websites associated with the hate group, some of which were still down as of Monday.

ZDNet, an information technology site,reported Monday that Anonymous was claiming to have hacked another Twitter account, @YourKKKCentral, purportedly belonging to the group.




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