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Families unable to pay burial costs for girls found dead in Florida

The deaths of two teen girls were tragic enough for the families involved.  What’s made matters worse is that apparently, plans were not made for their deaths and their families are now unable to afford to bury them.

An online fundraiser has been created to help with the burial expenses of Angelia Mangum and Tjhisha Ball, 19 and 18 years old respectively.  The two women were found dead in Jacksonville, tied together in a pool of blood.  Both women were found on the side of the street without their clothes on.

The tragic death has sent shockwaves through a community that has more than its share of violence.

A fundraising campaign has been created atYouCaring for the two young ladies.  The page was created by Everyday Whorephobia, a group that supporters workers in the s*x industry.

“We refuse to let these two deaths go quietly into the night as two more on the list of black women who are slain and … their murders go unnoticed,” the fundraiser page says. “We refuse to allow the public persecution of the victims of violence. We refuse to let their families suffer alone and without help.”

The organization is also working with the funeral home to find a way to bury the young ladies.  It’s going to cost $17,000 to pay for their expensive, according to the page.  The two women had originally worked as exotic dancers before their deaths.  The incident is tragic and still under police investigation.

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5 thoughts on “Families unable to pay burial costs for girls found dead in Florida

  1. Corbin

    Why don’t they change the name of the website to “Everydayphobia”. My goodness. It’s almost like rubbing salt into a wound.


    Excuse me,but these young girls family have just lost their youngsters and all you have to do is comment on the website?Am I missing something.You have no comments on the girls death.We as Black people are missing the point.We need to help these families as much as possible.

  3. rosemary davis

    These young women deserve to have a decent and proper burial being murdered is bad enough, and not having money to do this double the pain these families must be feeling, and $17,000.00 is a lot of money to raise and depending on the area that they lived in and the economy folks just might not have the funds to contribute, and then the circumstances surrounding their deaths being strippers at such a young age may have caused many not to have sympathy, some funeral homes struggle to keep their business afloat depending on the competition they have and will not provide free the cost of burying someone i can’t believe that this happen almost a month ago and they still have not been buried.

  4. Vonciel McCoy

    While I do sympathize with the families of these two ladies, no mother should ever have to bury a child, especially under such violent circumstances I don’t hold much empathy for them not because they were strippers, or were prostituting themselves I just hold a little more empathy for family of the young man whom they set up to be robbed and killed.


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