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Here’s when Chris Tucker used to be REALLY funny…..

Chris Tucker is always a favorite for anybody who loves black comedy.  He started off on Def Comedy Jam with Russell Simmons, and rose to stardom after that.  But going Hollywood can change a man, and it seems like Chris has all but disappeared over the last few years.

Here’s a video to remind you of when Chris was really funny.  He was probably one of the funniest comedians to ever appear on Def Comedy Jam.  In this skit, he’s talking about the roaches in his house, what friends do when they borrow your stuff, and a whole lot of other things that will have you laughing.  He even talks about what Michael Jackson would be like if he was a pimp.

It’s a few years before Obama was elected, but Chris even talks about what the White House will be like if America were to ever elect a black president.

So, have a laugh on us, you’re sure to love it.


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2 thoughts on “Here’s when Chris Tucker used to be REALLY funny…..

  1. au

    “Black Comedy”? Why not just “comedy?” Do we say “white comedy?” It’s just comedy. Stop the subliminal racial divide…


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