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If Those Allegations Are Lies, Cosby Should Sue His Accusers, but Here’s Why That Won’t Happen

ill Cosby is the subject of more sexual assault allegations than any one celebrity in recent memory. At last count, we know about 15 alleged victims—that’s a whole lot of women with similar accounts about being attacked by Cosby. Most of the claims appear to involve alcohol, possibly drugs and some accusers not remembering everything, then waking up in various states of undress before realizing they were violated. These similarities don’t prove any of the allegations, but they speak to modus operandi—if it happened once, then maybe it happened over and over and over again for years.

A lot of commenters on social media have taken sides in this case, and they’ve stated one way or the other that they think Cosby’s accusers are lying. We don’t know—they could be right—or the image of TV dad Heathcliff Huxtable sexually assaulting someone is just too much for many to fathom. But the frenzied social media defense of Cosby has been ruthless, with folks asking why victims waited so long—in some cases years—to come forward, and whether some victims have ulterior motives. Mind you, some of these victims reported the incidents years ago and nothing was done. Nobody believed them. After all, he’s Bill Cosby. Of course he wouldn’t do that.

But if Cosby’s being lied on, then why won’t he sue the alleged victims for slander, libel or defamation? He could clear his name in the court of public opinion and litigiously squash these claims—like one that his lawyers called a “lie” and another that his lawyers called “discredited.” After all, he has enough money to retain the best lawyers in the country, file multiple lawsuits against the women accusing him and show the world he’s the innocent Cosby we all grew to love years ago.




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