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‘I’m not some lazy bum’: Ariz. hot car mom faces felonies after failing to put $40K in funds for kids

The Arizona mom who left her kids in a hot car during a job interview claims she is “not some lazy bum” as a judge announced she’ll face felony charges after she failed to put $40,000 of donations into a trust fund for her children.

Shanesha Taylor’s plight went viral in March after her teary mugshot appeared online. She was charged with felony child abuse, but a fundraiser led by a New Jersey woman raised about $114,000 for the a single mom as her tale of woe resonated with people struggling to make it in a difficult economy.

Prosecutors in Scottsdale agreed in July to drop the charges if she met certain conditions, like putting up $60,000 for the trust funds and taking a parenting class. Last month, they relented, saying Taylor could put $40,000 in the accounts instead.

She failed to do that by the Thursday deadline, leaving prosecutors frustrated and her lawyers, who worked for her pro bono, to drop her as a client.

“This is a deal of a lifetime,” attorney Benjamin Taylor, no relation to his client, said after the appearance.

Prosecutors said Shanesha Taylor, who remains unemployed and claims the media attention to her case has proved detrimental, spends $4,100 a month of the donated money, on non-essential things like cable TV, clothes and dining out.

“My patience has reached its limit,” Prosecutor Bill Montgomery said. “She will either comply with setting aside the money previously agreed upon or we will move forward with prosecution, and that entire avenue of resolution will be off the table.”




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