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These 6 black men have 87 children with 50 different women

Most of the highest-rated shows for Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” are shows about the baby mama problem in the black community.  She recently pushed this cash cow for the network even further by gathering a group of men who have enough children to form nine baseball teams.

The star of the show was Jay Williams, the biological father of a 34 children by 17 different women.  Iyanla brought Williams out first for a heart-felt segment about the irresponsible choices of him and the many women who kept having unprotected sex with him.

The studio audience was all-female, many of them being mothers of his children.  That’s when she brought out five other black men who also don’t care much for using protection.   The six men, altogether, have had 87 kids, and since none of them are millionaires, it’s probably safe to say that these kids are mostly dependent on their mothers for financial support.

“It is no secret that there is an epidemic of children growing up without fathers. Although we have been more than willing to blame men for their role, we are not as vocal about the role women have played in the experience unless we are judging them,” Vanzant said on Oprah.com.  “The Jay Williams story about one man, 34 children, 17 women and an opportunity for self-reflective healing is taking that conversation to another level.”

What do you think?  Is Iyanla helping the problem, exploiting it or what?  Give us your thoughts.



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21 thoughts on “These 6 black men have 87 children with 50 different women

  1. Tiamette

    I watched the program and felt this is something that needed to be openly discussed. I personally always wondered why these situations happened. I’ve known many men and women who’ve had children with multiple partners. In most cases, the mothers knew about each other. Yet the women still chose to have children by these men. We have often asked why would a woman choose to do this if the man isn’t taking care of his other children. I also don’t understand why there is no use of protection when HIV/AIDS is still out there and the AA community has more cases than any other group. Ylanla was very fair and asked the men and women tough questions. They are not being exploited by anyone but themselves. They came to the world’s attention due to an attempted reality show about the family that never aired due to public outrage. Maybe now that Ylanla has stepped into their faces, they can learn how to make better choices. Hopefully someone watching has learned something as well and will do better or stop what they are doing. This situation is out of hand as well as embarrassing.

  2. White as Rice

    apparently the black male sees his role as sowing seeds and forgetting about the harvest. What a great way to make many, many people miserable… preaching about a subject like this is just too damn easy. Give me something more thought provoking.

  3. Objective Analysis

    These men think we are in biblical times and we just had a second great flood and they are Noah charged wiith repopulating the earth with their seed. Heard of condoms’ anyone? These women better not file for child support because these brothers will go to prison for Criminal Nonsupport.

  4. Tewdrowos

    This is really sad, why even waste ink on fool ,nigga, dog culture all this does is re-enhance every sick stereotype that BLACK M

  5. Tewdrowos

    This is very sad and re-enhances all the negative – types about Black people in general ,why even print this Bull —- I think most of these people need some type of psychological analysis because they are really missed up. its sad that so many BLACK MEN feel that the only area they can be a man is in the bed room . not knowing that the conditioning stem’s from slavery and white oppression, the making of a sexual beast that can only produce ,but at the same time can not take care of himself or the niglets
    he continues to create. what a moron..

    • salima hakeem Mohammad

      “niglets”? Really? You racist son of a bitch! Be a man and show who you are. DO NOT respond if you can’t show your face. I can easily find you as My Uncle works for the FBI.

  6. childofthesixties

    Did not watch the program but it is damn right degrading to see Black men producing babies like they are producing cars on the GM line and I blame the dumb women as much as I blame the men. It makes no sense to me that a woman thinks so little of herself as to have 3-4 babies by different men, and most of them are on food stamps and draw a check each month, all the kids have different last names. Apparently the women think they have no more to offer a man than their bodies, where the hell are your brains? First of all why would you date a man that has a bunch of children by other women and he is not taking care of them? Do you think you have so much booty going for yourself that he is going to take care of you and your kids? NOT!! Also, most of these men do not work, they are looking for some dumb ass woman to take care of them! The women do not love these men, love begins with loving yourself and when you allow a man to use you as a douche bag, you don’t love yourself!

  7. Alvin B Munson

    The number one thing that stands out to me is the calling of these males,men.No man would do what these boys have done.And the females are just that,females.A man is responsible.He protects and provide for the female and child.Being a good parent begins before you lay down or stand up with someone and have sex.I would lable them terrible parents.As for excusses,i never make them for people simply because they dont need me to.They make there own. STAY TUNED.

  8. t_99

    I watched it all! I watched the 3 part series with the man (Jay) who has 34 kids with 17 women, the follow up show with 4 of the women who have kids with Jay, and lastly, the follow up show with Jay and 6 men who have 87 kids with 50 different women. The whole time I watched, all I could think was WHY? Why would any woman continue to have kids by a man who will not commit to you on any level? Why would anyone have so many kids when there is no way that any one person can support all of those kids emotional, spiritually and financially. Why, why, why? Even if these men were rich, it would be impossible to properly nurture all of these kids as their father because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I have 2 kids with 1 man, and there are days when I want to scream from fatigue. After watching these shows, it is clear that the parents of these kids are all emotionally broken, and were using sex to fill some emotional void (i.e., fear of being alone and without a man, zero self esteem, struggling to feel like a man, insecurity from growing up without a father/mother, depression from childhood trauma from the sudden death of a parent). The youngest father with 4 kids with another on the way was the most moving. He was so depressed from the sudden death of his father that he slept with women because he was afraid of sleeping alone; he had attempted suicide and self mutilated! These shows were very eye opening and tragic at the same time. I just wonder what anyone can do to support these families. The responsibility is huge (sigh).

  9. stephanie newman

    There is a component that no one seems to be addressing. The mental stability of all these people. When I kept getting pregnant by men that I knew were not going to support me or the children, I had UNADDRESSED MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. AND I DID NOT KNOW JESUS FOR THE PARDON OF MY SINS. these people need so much focused help that one TV show cannot even touch. I hope they all for the children’s sake learn to think with the head on their necks, not the head between their legs. The women need to tell the truth, they thought this mess was cute. OHHH you got a baby by him too? I can hear all of them saying that mess. The kids are in a world of hurt and one day they are going to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting society.

  10. salima hakeem Mohammad

    Everybody is always blaming the Man! Blame these deadbeat women that use having Babies as a way to survive and get a Man! Some think that by having multiple kids, they will get the no good Man. Blame the foolish women! They are not without fault!!! They know just what their sneaky asses are doing!!!!

    • Johnlee

      I agree. The one sided conversation she is having feeds into victimization and pitting black women and men against each other. At the end of the day this woman is looking for rating. She’s going to say what sells no matter how lopsided it is. For every deadbeat black father there are just as many if not more deadbeat black women having multiple children from multiple men. Many of these women choose to hustle the government for benefits. They are content with this lifestyle of being taken care of by the government in the way of foodstamps, section 8 housing and free medical care. There is a warped way of thinking not just for these black men who father children but BLACK WOMEN as well. The feminist movement played a major role in this way of thinking. Black women who made these choices see themselves as being independent from black men/husbands. The media and black women and some black men spend all their time talking about black men but never about black women simply because it sells.

  11. Johnlee

    Just because they have custody of these children doesn’t mean they are mothers to these children. But this woman is not going to do a show about that because she is selling this to black women and whites. This alternation babymama lifestyle started with the women movement back in the 60s and early 70s. I don’t know of any social movement that black men followed that advocated that they shouldn’t be married and to look at women as your adversary. The feminist movement that so many black women blindly followed advocated for this as a way of life and a way to empower women. Now that we see this single parent lifestyle has been a failure they bame black men and take no culpability in that failure. We love to talk about strong black women. A strong person should be able to look in the mirror and acknowledge their failures as well. I have three words to those black women in this situation..YOU PICKED HIM so you must have had something in common with him to begin with. If we continue to feed into this one sided conversation we will never find a solution to it.

    They are generation of black boys who grow up at the hands of black mother who has been brainwash to think of herself as a victim, are embittered and take that out of their sons.


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