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Jaden Smith is wearing something that looks a lot like a dress

To say that Jaden Smith is unique might be an understatement.  The teen has been setting trends and raising eyebrows at the same time.  His most recent act has really left people wondering what’s going on with him.

Smith was seengetting off a plane wearing a long hoodie that came down like a skirt almost to his knees.  The odd thing about it was that he wasn’t wearing any pants underneath.  He also appears to have a bit of facial hair, showing that he’s growing up.

Smith has aspirations to be a fashion designer and has launched a clothing line of his own back in 2013 called MSFts.

“I would say it’s a fashion-forward street brand, “he told Wonderland. “It’s kind of just black on black. We all really like black, so almost everything in the line is black.”

Adding: “Some would call it street goth.”

Meanwhile, Jaden took to Twitter on September 11 to write a sweet message to his longtime friend and fellow child star: ‘I love Kylie Jenner.’

Until early September, there were rumours of the pair taking their platonic friendship to the next level.

However, 17-year-old Kylie has reportedly been linked to rapper Tyga, who separated from fiancee Black Chyna, a close friend of Kim Kardashian.



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12 thoughts on “Jaden Smith is wearing something that looks a lot like a dress

  1. Objective Analysis

    Men being women and Women being men. Fundamentally transformation of America continues under this Administration.

    • The Who's Who

      @ Objective Analysis.. how stupid and IDIOT to ignorance are you? (smh).. just like the right wing moguls of this nation.. who make an azz out of themselves daily ..

      This President or any other President has nothing to do with the American people’s own personal choice of freedom to express themselves.. if you don’t like it here? Then LEAVE.. live as resident of a muslim nation that murders those who express freedom to be as GOD has us to be by choice not on sight alone.. but I betcha you won’t LEAVE will ya?.. becuz of this nation’s freedoms.. even to voice your opinion of which you CAN’T do in muslim nations or be MURDERED-beheaded in doing so.. you’re STUPID as they come..why are you even in America? For real.. LEAVE..

      This President’s legacy will not be tainted..not even by right wing ignoramus as yourself..and those who follow your lead.. President Bush(43rd) has the WORST record as president and administration outside of President Andrew Johnson..and neither president’s legacy will not change..

  2. Kennedy

    No big deal. Look at history . Men long before didn’t wear pants, and when we did they were right as he’ll. women definitely didn’t wear pants

  3. The Who's Who

    My biggest concern is that the “Smith Children” look un-kept and un-clean plus their state of mind when photographed out and about especially the two youngest(Willow and Jayden)..I know going up in a wealthy household and in L.A. can be kinda tiring upon expectations of sorts..I know this becuz, I’ve lived the life sorta and was raised around and hung out with a few celebrity kids back in the day for about 10 years..there’s a lot of expectations they have to live up too being kids of celebrity parents.

    • Antonio Kelley

      It was probably just you, I never wore anything as a teen that was questioned by my parents nor did it raise eyebrows, every teen was not rebellious , precocious or just plain rebellious. It happened after i left home…grown. We don’t have to justify what these kids do based on what we did it’s definitely a different time and the world is smaller because of the internet so they can be exposed to a lot more than previous generations. i never thought men would freely wear pink shirts but now they do…lol

  4. Thelma Williams

    May have had on shorts and they were shorter than the shirt.let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.We do not need another feminine male.can’t we at least have some men left?can’t say i don’t feel some sympathy for those smith children.Big task to find yourself with both a famous mom and dad especially in that environment.I pray for their longevity i am scared for them both.Mother is beautiful but i don’t feel or see joy in her eyes or life.Father will is confused at beat.Let us all pray for that family.

  5. sharon

    Looks likes a plain oversized sweat shirt to me, not a dress. I hope he has on shorts though. To call the sweat shirt a dress in my opinion was trick to attract attention to the fact that he may not be wearing shorts.


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