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Kofi Annan says people only cared about Ebola when it left Africa

Kofi Annan is not only from the continent of Africa, he is also the former Secretary General for the United Nations.  So, you can say that he has a great deal of inside information on how things work within this important organization.

Annan had some choice words for the world’s governing bodies when it came to the way the Ebola virus has put the world on edge during recent weeks.   Annan says that the international community could have nipped the issue in the bud much sooner, but because of their reluctance to act, ended up ruining the opportunity to contain the virus.  As a result of their inaction, the Ebola virus has now gone worldwide, and threatens the health of the entire world.

“I am bitterly disappointed by the response… I am disappointed in the international community for not moving faster,” Annan said on BBC Newsnight.

“If the crisis had hit some other region it probably would have been handled very differently. In fact when you look at the evolution of the crisis, the international community really woke up when the disease got to America and Europe.”

Annan is from Ghana, and seems to feel that diseases only matter to the world once they hit The United States and Europe (aka white people).   Now, the disease has infected a nurse in Spain and two nurses in the United States.  It doesn’t appear to be getting any better, since the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) appears to be bungling their role all along the way.

“I point the finger of blame at the governments with capacity… I think there’s enough blame to go around,” Annan said.

“The African countries in the region could have done a bit more they could have asked for help much faster and the international community could have organized ourselves in a much better way to offer assistance.”

“We didn’t need to take months to do what we are doing today.”

Annan defended the World Health Organization, which has been criticised for not responding quickly enough to the worst ever epidemic of the disease, which began in Guinea before spreading to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The Nobel peace prize laureate said that the WHO, which predicts that the infection rate could reach 10,000 a week by December, was aware of the risk of the disease but relied on governments to give them the resources to act.


READ MORE via Former U.N. head Kofi Annan: The world ignored Ebola until it spread from Africa.

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19 thoughts on “Kofi Annan says people only cared about Ebola when it left Africa

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  4. Stop and be clear.

    Africa has been destroyed by the Gentiles of europa. The aids, Ebola and gutter religion are just some of the things are killing the people and spirit of the continent of Africa.

  5. Lenny Locust

    If it’s not diamonds, oil and other valuable commoditites that are being extracted from Africa at the grave expense of Africans, the rest of the world can care less about the Mother Land. That is really shameful! But, that’s always been the m.o. of the U.S. and Europe. They will only help if and when they can benefit. The worst quid pro quo ever!

  6. Beautiful Beaulah

    Said nothing we didn’t known!!! Jiahdist should cut all their m!#@ f racist heads off!!! Payback time!!!

  7. Seymour

    I completely agreed with Lenny and mr. Kofi. For centuries we have been used as a Guinea pigs for the white man. They go to the motherland not only to suck us dry of our worths, but also they uses our brothers and sisters as their guinea pigs (experiments) to find cure for diseases. First it was AIDS and now all of the certain Ebola. Just unbelieveable how this human race is going about so much hatred in this world. I just to understand how something that our great grandparents and their parents parents been eating for centuries and the same thing many others around the world eat, can out of the blue kill thousands of innocent souls. Just pitiful

  8. Regina

    I have been saying the same thing for years. When Ebola shows up from time to time Amerikkka does not have a care in the world. Now it has hit Amerikkka’s shores now YT wants help, solutions and answers. This also applies to Dengue fever.

    Amerikkka, your chickens have come home to “YOUR” roost.

    • Bryan

      Ebola has always been in the US, it was just contained and sealed in CDC labs. It wasn’t until the two individuals that were brought back from Liberia, is when this mess began–two people, who are white (not that it matters, because it doesn’t, but since you want to add in three ‘K’s’ in spelling out America, I guess it should be known), that were over there, helping and providing aid to those people, who are black.
      You are just another reason why certain parts of this country still divide white and black people, and fail to see that we are all human beings, that this is a human problem that affects all races and genders. Educate yourself and get those eyes open. You have a long way to go!

  9. Adamu

    One minute, many of us are blaming the West, ex colonial powers and the U.S. for controlling and setting up what goes on in our region. We want the ‘evil’ West to get out and leave us alone. But then something like Ebola comes along and we now blame the West for not acting fast enough to help us, even though some of us actually say they are the ones who invented it. How many problems going on in the West are African governments focused on curing?

    I’m tired of us either blaming the West for everything or calling on them for assistance because we blame them for all our problems. What’s wrong with African countries and regional blocks like ECOWAS stepping up our game so we fund our medical and infrastructural institutions so they can handle such things. I know it is not easy and I know many people in those institutions trying to do good work in a sea of corruption, inefficiency and lack of vision. For me that is the solution. If we had our game tight there wouldn’t be the mentality of always relying on the West or Asia for everything.

    This is cold hard business. The ‘West’ and any other region is doing what it needs to survive and maintain it’s position . That is what they are supposed to do. It is not about being ‘fair’. It is about aggressively and intelligently defending or expanding your influence so for example, we’re the ones who control the U.N. Better yet, the A.U. is so powerful we don’t need the U.N. . African countries and regions have to step up otherwise we’re going to be finished in the next 30 years. That takes a lot of hard work, vision and sacrifice.

  10. ericaf

    He is so right in that regard. What’s happening is a reflection of the responses to situations affecting countries/people of color.

  11. Ezra Taylor

    I have serious issues with this article. Why we as melanoid people depending on white people to help us? Africa is a continent which consists of over 50 countries. You mean to tell me we don’t have the talent or the resources to help ourselves? This is what happens when a whole continent is exploited. This is fucking disgusting.

  12. Milwood

    I heard some African countries been dealing with the problem for years. What happen to that support? Peoples don’t get involved until it effects “their’s”..

  13. Tiamette

    I think he’s right. I personally didn’t feel threatened about it until it hit the U.S. Call me what you want, it wasn’t my problem before it left Africa. That doesn’t mean I didn’t care about the people dying from this disease, it just wasn’t a major concern for me because I felt protected from it. I do not think ANYONE in America, white, black or any other race thought about it much either if they have the courage to tell the truth.

  14. Leroi Grimes

    The Day Of Designer Diseases Is Here. I believe Ebola and Aids are the result of genetic-biologic
    engineering. There are perhaps hundreds of white-supremacist, neo-nazi and racist Doctors around the world who have been trying to develop a “Black Race Specific Drug or Disease” to inflict mass genocide against the black people. This has been going on for at least a century in earnest. Case in Point. Remember that Sickle-Cell Anemia, a disease which only effects
    Black People far, far, far more than Hispanics or any other race; was the result of planned infections of blacks with Syphilis and “God Only Really Knows what other disease(s)”…called”Experiments”…perpetrated by the United States Government specifically against it’s own Black citizens. The experiments did not officially end until the late 60’s early 70’s I have read. Have you ever seen a person die from Sickle Cell Anemia? I have because many family members
    on one side of my family-tree died at an early age because of that “American Created Disease”.
    Kofi Annan is correct in what he has said. However, I believe the situation is far worse than he is willing
    to think. It is possible that both a vaccine and a cure for Ebola have been existence …but not for black
    people..especially poor black Africans( Until perhaps now!). And if one can create the cure or vaccine for Ebola odds are that same someone(s) can create the disease itself. It took a tremendous amount of “fame and fortune” for a black man “Magic Johnson” to be basically cured of Aids when thousands of other blacks died. How did he do that? My brother died of aids.


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