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London Richards’ ‘In Love With Fire’ Is Your New R&B Obsession

London Richards might only be 17 years old, but like Richards’ peer, Raury, his age says nothing of his musical comprehension and talent. Pairing his effortless, stunning vocals with his already adroit songwriting abilities, Richards is writing R&B jams with one foot in the past, and one foot stepping forward.

Richards first debuted his single “Will You Wait” in September, propelling him to number six on the Billboard Realtime Emerging Artists Chart, as well as number 11 on the Billboard Realtime Trending 140 Chart on the first day. Premiering his new track, “In Love With Fire” (which might be our favorite track off his upcoming EP, “love, London”), with The Huffington Post, Richards continues to prove why he deserves his seat at the table within urban music.

What drew you into R&B and the personal style that you have given it within the EP?
I was born into a household where a lot of music was played and my dad introduced to a lot of the music he grew up on, which was ‘70s and ‘80s records, like Shalamar and Lakeside. That progressed into a huge Michael Jackson influence. That’s where the R&B really came from, and I became more an independent mind. I searched through Justin Timberlake’s catalogue and Usher’s catalogue and that kind of solidified what I wanted to be as an R&B artist with a pop crossover.




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