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Macy Gray says drug addiction ruined her personality

Reported by Nigel Boys

In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey on her show “Where Are They Now?” Macy Gray described how her life completely changed after being discovered by an executive at Atlantic Records.

Gray told Oprah that she was a nothing before her song “I Try” hit No.1 on the Billboard charts in 2000 but at least when she had been singing and writing songs in her friend’s dorm room studio before she found success, she had not been a complete a**hole. She adds that after her album went triple platinum and she received five Grammy nominations, the success and the screaming fans went straight to her head.

Almost overnight, she was no longer the humble college student from Canton, Ohio because now she had money, and lots of it, said Gray. She adds that apart from annoying people with her attitude of being better than everyone else, she also got into something she had never thought of before — drugs.

The drug use started when she was on tour with a crew from the U.K. who used to do nothing else but smoke hash all day, Gray told Oprah. She added her simple experimentation with hash soon turned into a full blown addiction to harder drugs like ecstasy.

Although she was regarded at the time as something of an enigma by the media (because she wouldn’t respond to their questions and turned up for interviews wearing dark glasses) Gray knows the truth about why she was so unresponsive to demands for detail. She adds that the plain and simple truth was that half the time she was falling asleep during interviews on account of the late night partying and drug use.

Even when her fame started to dwindle and her third album only reached No.44 on the Billboard charts, she still wouldn’t admit that the drugs and partying were to blame.   She adds that it only hit her when she looked in the mirror one day and hardly recognized the person staring back at her with bags under her eyes and weird skin.

That same day, she decided she had enough of drugs, quit, and has never looked back since. She adds that although it took a bout of vanity to bring her to her senses, she believes that she had to go through all that to get where she is today.

Way to go Macy, we wish you the very best.


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2 thoughts on “Macy Gray says drug addiction ruined her personality

  1. kimberly

    I met miss gray many years ago at some movie studio in la and sadly it was so obvious she was on drugs.The powerful thing is that she is now owning up to this and has changed from the person she used to be…a lot of people dont.


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