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Man Races The Subway In His Wheelchair To Make One Really Powerful Point

When a London man “raced the Tube” and posted a video of it in August, his footage garnered nearly 5 million views. But now, a man named Anthony is taking the #racethetube challenge to another level: by racing the train in his wheelchair.

However, Anthony isn’t taking the challenge simply to defy the odds; he’s doing it to make a larger point about step-free access — or lack thereof — in London’s Tube system.

With the help of The Free Help Guy, an anonymous helping community, we see Anthony whiz across the same route as shown in the first video, keeping up with the Tube until, at the second station, he encounters a game-changing problem.

You’ll need to watch the video to feel its full effects, but the fact remains that only 25 percent of London’s underground Tube stations have step-free access. Additionally, even though Transport For London, the organization responsible for the Tube, does not ignore the issue, as the video suggests, it can be difficult and complex for people in Anthony’s situation to plan a trip across the city.

“I tend to just use buses,” Anthony explains on The Free Help Guy’s website. “It’s too difficult to know where I can and can’t get to when I take the tube. It feels like us wheelchair users are being ignored, despite how positively London came across during the Paralympics in 2012.”




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