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Many Sterilized African-American, Poor and Disabled Women Won’t Be Compensated

The state of North Carolina delayed for years compensation of women who were illegally sterilized, and now that compensation checks are finally being sent out, many sterilized women –mostly African-American, poor, or disabled– still won’t get paid.

NPR reported the story of Debra Blackmon, a severely retarded woman who was sterilized at the age of 14 in 1972. Two social workers came to Blackmon’s home and eventually convinced her parents to authorize a “minimally invasive” surgery for the girl. That was a lie.

“They were telling my grandparents that the surgery was going to be minimally invasive. They told them it would be a tubal ligation. And they [wound]up doing a full abdominal hysterectomy — on a 14-year-old,” Blackmon’s niece, Latoya Adams, told NPR.

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7 thoughts on “Many Sterilized African-American, Poor and Disabled Women Won’t Be Compensated

  1. WizardG

    If it were Jews who found out this was done to them all hell would break loose, and we would all understand that our tax dollars were submitted to compensate for their transgressions! As it is now. About 5 billion dollars a year is sent to Israel to help support their positions which helps support the Anglo-elite’s positions in the middle east etc. We are never meant to be treated justfully here! We are more bamboozled today than the “Indians” ! At least they still know and recognize who their true “annihilators” are! We are still wallowing in blatant ignorance and stupidity as we are being picked off here and abroad! It’s lunacy to the nth degree! Compensation is yet to come for all of the wrongs done past and present, as they have yet to finish, and ‘unjust’ things are still being done! So why bother to compensate? So. You think a “black” man runs this country? Why that is totally “insane” and all of you should understand why! So much to know and understand, but too brainwashed to learn and comprehend! Where does the fairytale end and reality begin? The lines have been thoroughly blurred for just about everyone!

    • vee

      Nicely said. So true. I enjoyed reading that. If you have to learn about the atrocities committed against us black people the learning will never end. And if we had to compensate us for the wrongs done it would bankrupt 3 continents. Black Wall Street (burning down of a whole neighbourhood of black millionaires in Oklahoma in the 1920s) with KKK Woodrow Wilson approved government planes; the feeding of slave babies to aligators aka “gaitor baiting” to catch alligators for which there are postcards and memorabilia for; the spraying of black neighborhoods in St Louis Missouri in the 1950s with radioactive chemicals as part of government experiments; the Tuskegee syphilis trials (black men infected with syphilis allowed to go untreated); the sending off of black men to Vietnam knowing full well that “agent orange” binds to melanin (skin pigment) for life and causes nervous disturbances. And that’s just the U.S. Now. The rest of the world- the genocide of 80,000 members of the herero tribe in Namibia in 1910 by Germans which was the pre-cursor to the Jewish Holocaust and acted as a model for how to carry out genocide by Hitler….and the list goes on.

    • Marsha

      I agree with you! Nothing new under the sun. The children of Isreal suffered with similarities. We shall over come. I believe when Jesus returns. In the mean time keep fighting the good fight of Faith in God

  2. Peter D. Slaughter

    Overall,it’s a prime example of 20th,21st century genocide,eugenics and population control right in the faces of black people all over this country.
    I am quite sure many are upset and speechless about this.
    But even with this right in the faces of black people.
    Will this wake a vast % of black people up or what ?
    All this tv watching and excessive consumer materialism,plus this slave like ghetto drama that has become so hip and cool to be a part.
    It appears that many will stay mentally sleep,brainwashed and pathectic to really respond to this

    • vee

      That’s not even the half of it. We think of slavery and jim crow and “post-racial” america as the worst of the atrocities committed against blacks. Now google “targeted individuals, gangstalking, voice to skull, MKULTRA, directed energy weapons, de-population agenda”. The worst is to come. All this ghetto and other drama and the culture promoted on t.v/in society is a cover for the fact that thousands of people, black and otherwise are being murdered and controlled in ways you would never imagine right in front of our eyes. The distraction is deliberate. The good news is that more and more people are waking up to it.


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