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Here’s how horrible Mariah Carey sounded in front of her audience

It appears that Mariah Carey’s best days might be behind her.  She was once the young superstar songstress who impressed everyone with her broad and powerful vocals.  Now, she’s the older woman who has a pile of really good stories about how great she once was.

In Tokyo, Mariah was embarrassed by not being able to perform at her best, and news of her poor performance has bolted around the world.  TMZ hasn’t made things easier, sharing the video for the entire world to watch.  Not only did Carey miss many of the high notes, she also forget some of the lyrics to her songs.  When you’re forgetting the lyrics to songs you’ve been singing for years, this can make people wonder if you have either a mental problem or an issue with substance abuse.

Tiara Williams, a black celebrity blogger and actress, is concerned that Mariah’s problems with drinking may be an issue.  As rumors spilled about her private life, it was revealed that Nick Cannon felt that Mariah was mentally unstable.  There have also been numerous reports about her dipping into the bottle in a way that has affected her ability to be a good mother.

A video obtained by TMZ showed the carnage of the performance, which is surely going to hurt ticket sales for her tour as she tries to go around the globe.  Carey is now 44-years old and had more trouble than you would expect from an accomplished singer and professional.  We hope that she’s doing OK and hope that she makes the recovery that people are expected.  If she can’t, then she’ll join Lauryn Hill and a few other major singers who were only a shadow of who they were in the 1990s.

The 44-year-old singer also found it challenging to get through her hit “We Belong Together,” not only because the mic stand broke, but also because her voice sounded as though it was giving out on her.

“Wait a minute, I can’t go on,” Carey can be heard saying in a video posted to YouTube on Saturday from the first night of her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour.

It’s unclear whether her vocal troubles were due to illness or if Carey was distracted by something else.

This year has proven quite difficult for the songstress, with her album sales for “Me. I Am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse” seeing the smallest opening for a non-holiday studio effort. She released the album on May 27 and by the week ending June 1 it had only pushed 58,000 units, according to Billboard.

Outside of music, Carey’s 6-year marriage to Nick Canon fell apart in August although he pledged his love for her on Twitter in early Sept.





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2 thoughts on “Here’s how horrible Mariah Carey sounded in front of her audience

  1. Margaret

    Mistakes happen. That’s why they keep putting erasers on pencil. If you have ever performed you might know how easy it is to start in the wrong key, lose your voice, or forget your words. On top of this she is going through some things, give her a break. Don’t worry about the nay-sayers and Haters, Mariah, just do you. God Bless.


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