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MC Hammer lashes out about Ebola on Twitter

Rapper MC Hammer went on a Twitter rant over a lack of aid being sent to quell Africa’s devastating Ebola outbreak, saying the scare on U.S. shores was “karma” for the “rape” of the continent.

“Don’t sit over there looking all innocent and Pius, you raped #Africa and now she is infected & only asking for medication and beds..” the “U Can’t Touch This” singer tweeted early Thursday.

“#Karma is making threats, says she will elevate herself from B– to (Wife with no pre-nup) if the world doesn’t send #Africa #Ebola Aid,” a previous tweet said.

The fiery posts were among a string of Ebola-related messages the Bay Area native posted after he said he attended a Stanford lecture on compassion.

One linked to a CNN graph showing how the virus is traced. Another asked, “If it’s that simple to contain then why????”

The World Health Organization said Wednesday that the death toll in West Africa from the virus had soared past 3,300.

“If we intend to avoid the domestic sufferings of #Ebola then we must find the compassion to send the economic aid necessary to save #Africa,” another message said.

The provocative tweets prompted the usual Internet mix of both vitriol and praise from dozens of Hammer’s followers.

By Thursday morning, the “Pumps and a Bump” singer appeared to have cooled down.

His latest tweet linked to list of CNN news briefs, including one report on Ebola and U.S. hospital readiness.




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