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Michael B. Jordan talks to the Daily News about ‘Fantastic Four’ and life as the Human Torch: ‘The suit was a lot tighter than I expected’

Michael B. Jordan may be a rising star in Hollywood, but he’s already learned how to brush the dirt off his shoulders when it comes to haters.

“I don’t think about it. Can’t make everybody happy,” the 27-year-old “Fantastic Four” star told the Daily News about the backlash caused by him playing the Human Torch, which up until now has always been a white superhero. “I don’t think anything about it.”

He does, however, think about how huge it is for his flourishing career to be a part of the Fox franchise based on the Marvel comics superhero team.

“I loved comic books. Japanese animation, cartoons,” he said of his childhood.

“So to be able to play a character that I always fantasized about and always wanted to be — to have powers and stuff like that — and to be a part of Marvel’s family, it’s a huge deal for me,” he added. “I geek out about it.”

Jordan didn’t exactly “geek out” or feel like much of a superhero the first time he put on his Human Torch suit.

“I was like, ‘This is a lot tighter than I expected,'” he confessed, laughing.

While the young thespian can’t give away too many details about the highly anticipated film set for release in August 2015, he’s had plenty of time to prepare for the part.




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