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Michael Brown pathologist testifies as grand jury in Ferguson case nears decision amid fears of violence

They’re getting close.

A forensic pathologist hired by Michael Brown’s family to perform an autopsy on the slain Ferguson teen testified in front of a St. Louis County grand jury as a decision nears on whether Officer Darren Wilson will be charged in the killing.

Dr. Michael Baden told the jury of a newly discovered entry wound in the 18-year-old’s chest, said family attorney Benjamin Crump, sho would not elaborate.

Baden initially reported in August that Brown had been shot six times – twice in the head and four times in the right arm. It’s unclear if the latest wound represents a seventh time Brown was shot during the Aug. 9 shooting.

‘The evidence shows he had his hands up, there’s no doubt about that,” Crump told reporters Thursday.

Crump and fellow Brown family attorney Anthony Gray urged calm in the St. Louis, Mo. suburb as demonstrations are expected once it’s announced whether Wilson will be charged.

“It appears by Dr. Baden’s appearance that we’re probably getting to the end of the witness list,” Crump said of the grand jury, which has met since Aug. 20. “We gain a sense we’re probably almost at the end.”

A prosecutor presents evidence and witnesses to the grand jury in a secretive process that the Brown family attorneys admitted left them uncertain if Wilson would be indicted.

Preparations have been made ahead of the contentious decision, which could end with a murder, manslaughter or no charge against Wilson, the 28-year-old Ferguson officer who has not been seen publicly since the shooting more than 90 days ago.




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