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Missing boy was found by a reporter looking to get the word out

The missing 10-year old Paul Fagan of Tampa, Florida had not seen his grandmother for 14 hours, and the family had a long wait to determine if the boy was going to be OK.  So, Friday, everyone was relieved to see the child run into his grandmother’s arms on live television.  But the story was a strange one that the people connected to the story will never forget.
The police were involved in the search for the missing child, and Hillsborough County Deputies searched the surrounding area, as well as bodies of water to find him.  Despite their consistent efforts, they could not find the child.  But it turns out that finding him was much easier than anyone would expect.
ABC Action News reporter Cameron Polom ended up being more involved than he thought he would, since he was actually the one who found the boy.   Even he was left surprised by the turn of events, as a tragic story suddenly became a happy one.
“We arrived in the neighborhood to help get the word out, hoping to speak with family members. That’s when something amazing happened,” Polom said.
The reporter says that he saw the boy standing by a fence.  Not hiding.  Not dead.  Not in another state.  Just standing right there, by the fence, with reporters nearby and police all over the neighborhood looking for him.
“He was there in the yard… right next to me,” Polom said.
“I just held his hand and walked him over to you guys. It’s crazy,” Polom said.
That’s when the boy’s grandmother came out, crying and happy that she found her grandchild.  But this might lead to the question of why the child was missing in the first place, and why he was so easy to find.  If police were looking for him and scouring the area, why didn’t they see the boy standing next to a fence?
This is a very strange story, we confess.  But we’re glad that the child is ok.

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2 thoughts on “Missing boy was found by a reporter looking to get the word out

  1. au

    if you’d follow up you find that the little boy said he was asleep in the bushes as he wanted to get away from his little brother


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