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Mom who drove children into ocean off Daytona Beach asks to see children

Attorneys for Ebony Wilkerson are asking a judge to allow her to see the three children she is accused of trying to kill after police said the then-pregnant woman drove her van into the rough surf near Silver Beach Avenue.

Circuit Judge Leah Case barred Wilkerson during a May 29 hearing from having any contact with her children either in person or through Facebook, by telephone or by way of family members as a condition of her release. Wilkerson is asking Case to modify those conditions to allow her to have contact with her children according to the supervision and oversight of a dependency court, a motion filed by Assistant Public Defender Craig Dyer states. Case will hear the request Friday morning.

Dyer also opposed a request from prosecutors to delay a trial until January but the judge granted it. Public Defender James Purdy said in a phone interview that they wanted to resolve the matter this year.

“(Wilkerson) has not seen her children since the night of the incident and we are ready for trial,” Purdy said.

Wilkerson was pregnant when she was accused of driving her van with her three children aboard into the rough surf off about 5 p.m. March 4. Video of the van being slammed by the waves and rescuers saving the children drew international attention.


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