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Mo’ne Davis’, the 13-year old superstar has a memoire coming out

You can be sure that, whenever someone makes it big, there is always someone in the background seeking to make money from it.  Mo’ne Davis was the pitching phenom in the Little League World Series, captivating the attention of the nation with her rocket-fire arm.  She didn’t get a chance to show her skills in the last game, but she’s the “It Girl” of 2014.

Now, it’s been announced that the young superstar is going to release a memoire.  Your first question might be, “What in the world does a 13-year old have to say in a memoire?”  That would be our question exactly.   If she has another good year in the sport, someone may try to make a movie out of her life like they did with Gabby Douglas.  Maybe there are just so many ways to make money quickly, that studios are grabbing onto anything they can find.

Mo’ne does provide a powerful testimony about how a person can do whatever they put their mind to. She says that her mother wasn’t the least bit happy to see her joining a boy’s baseball team.  Low and behold, she ended up being their best player.  Fascinating and inspirational.  She appears to have a very bright future.

You can read more about it here:

A memoir when you’re still a teenager may seem premature, but not for Mo’ne Davis, the first female pitcher to win a Little League World Series game.

“Mo’ne Davis: Remember My Name” will be released next March by HarperCollins Children’s Books, the publisher told The Associated Press on Monday.

The honor roll student from Philadelphia became a sensation last summer after leading the Taney Dragons to a 4-0 victory over Nashville, when she was just 13. Known for her long braids and uncommon poise, she has since appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, thrown out the first pitch at a major league World Series game and starred in a car commercial directed by Spike Lee. In September, she donated her jersey to the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

“When I joined an all-boys baseball team, my mom wasn’t too happy,” Mo’ne said in a statement issued Monday through HarperCollins. “I proved to her (and to me) that I could do anything I set my mind to. I’m just a girl that likes to play sports and I’m excited to share my story with everyone,” she said. “I hope it encourages people to take a chance and play the sports they want to play and not just the ones people expect them to play.”




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