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Jordan Davis’ mother is happy her son’s killer is going to prison

The death of Jordan Davis was a tragedy that received and deserved national headlines.  The teen was shot and killed in a dispute that involved loud music.  Originally, Michael Dunn, the shooter, was able to leave the scene and not call police until the following day.  He claimed that he feared for his life, even though Davis did not have a weapon.

It was also revealed by a law firm in Florida that Dunn had a history of making racist remarks and of threatening his own neighbors.  Justice was recently served when the courts finally convicted him during a retrial.

Jordan’s mother, Lucia McBath, has been open and vocal about the pain of losing a son.  It’s been two years since her son was killed, and the gun used in the killing was never found.   McBath spoke with the Atlantic over the pain of losing her son and what it’s like to be the mother of a young black man in America.

There are numerous ways for black men to be killed:  By police, by racists, and by other black men.  This is not even as great as the threat of going to prison, which can hang over their heads every day.

Jordan’s mother says that she’s happy that Dunn was convicted, but this doesn’t take away the pain of losing her child.

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McBath and I had talked twice before and each time I’d found her to be a woman of direct and open feeling. The first time we talked she cried as she recounted the life of her lost son. The second time she stood before my son and insisted that he mattered, though all the powers of the world might tell him different. With wild theories of phantom shotguns now banished, I wanted to know how McBath felt and how she was filling the yawning space left by her departed son.

“I guess I’m speechless,” she said. “Excited. Happy. It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted. But I definitely am waffling back and forth. I was elated about justice for Jordan, but I would prefer to have him here, thriving and growing. I wish that was my reality, but in light of everything this is the best I can get.”




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