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Boy speaking about anti-violence is interrupted by fatal shooting

One of the cities being hardest-hit by the wave of gun violence in America is Newark, New Jersey.  This horrible situation was exemplified during a recent speech by a third-grader who was speaking about stopping the violence from affecting his generation.

According to Jessica Schneider at CBS 2, the boy was giving an amazing and poetic speech.  The crowd was enjoying his presentation, when suddenly, gunshots rang out.  Those attending the speech were safe, since they were inside a community center, but the situation was simply too amazing to chalk up to mere coincidence.

Black males are the greatest victims of hand gun violence in America.  Much of this violence is caused by weapons that are brought from outside the black community to urban areas.  The boy said that he was aware of the fact that the shooting occurred for a reason, and this led him to another moment of self-reflection of just how dire the situation has become.

To the child’s credit, he was able to continue with his speech.  But the noise outside, consisting of police and ambulance sirens, only served to make the situation that much more dramatic.   Also, like many other killings in the black community, the police don’t even have a suspect to prosecute.

“Violence came as I was talking,” Nyeeam Hudson said.

During Nyeeam’s plea for peace, a young man was shot and killed outside.

Nyeeam kept talking, but minutes later he was stopped by the roar of sirens.

“I didn’t know what it was at first, and when I found out I was like, ‘man.’” Nyeeam said.

The shooting happened in a courtyard at a housing complex just feet from where Nyeeam was speaking.

It all happened in broad daylight, but prosecutors said they still haven’t made any arrests.

“We’re always trying to do great and positive things and here it is once again, something negative is happening,” said Al-Tariq Best, Founder of FP Youth Outcry.

Best’s FP Youth Outcry sponsored Saturday’s anti-violence poetry program. He said it is kids like Nyeeam who can help stop the violence.

“I feel sad and sometimes I just think we can do better as a people and I wonder why,” Nyeeam said. “You don’t need a gun to always solve your problems in certain situations.”




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