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NY Pastor Thinks Starbucks’ Secret Ingredient Is The ‘S-men of Sodomites’

This is why we need food inspectors.

Last week, James David Manning, (left) pastor  of ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church in Harlem, posted this video claiming that s-men is the secret ingredient in Starbuck’s lattes.

Manning’s flight from reality seems to have been brought on by the public’s reaction to another bizarre claim he made last week, that “upscale sodomites” are spreading Ebola in Starbucks. In response, LGBT supporters gave away free Starbucks coffee outside Pastor Manning’s church.

It seems Pastor Manning is very suspect about that free coffee.

“My suspicion is they’re getting their s-men from sodomites, Manning warns. ‘The s-men flavors up the latte and makes you think you are having a good time drinking it!”

Manning goes on to predict the end of Starbucks, ranting:

“There will not be a public sodomite in Harlem in not too many days. Starbucks will be found to be perverting its customers and perverting human sexuality, as if drinking Starbucks is some sort of a sacrificial ritual bath where they kill the innocent babies and drink their blood. And Starbucks will close.”

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6 thoughts on “NY Pastor Thinks Starbucks’ Secret Ingredient Is The ‘S-men of Sodomites’

  1. Glory Mosby

    Well now I have truly heard it all but to be fair, I don’t put anything past anyone or any business because nowadays it seems like it’s everything goes!!! :*

  2. Tracy J. Hicks

    No wonder why my throat feels sore after drinking their dunkachino coffees! (sarcasm for illiterate idiots)

  3. childofthesixties

    Wow we have gotten as crazy as those other folks, who attends this idiots church?? First of all, as much coffee as Starbucks sells all over just the USA, where in the world is all of this Semen coming from??

  4. Regina

    This negro need to sit his silly a$$ down and STFU. I am writing this while having my Starbucks coffee.After I am through with this cup I will send it to him for a pi$$ test.

  5. mich

    This is pure insanity, this man ought to be ashamed of himself. This kind of stuff is what gives christians a bad name, and a pastor at that. Man you need to focus on Jesus and not Starbucks. You need some oil in your lamp not coffee!!


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