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NYPD officer caught on tape smashing alleged fare beater in head with baton at Brooklyn subway station

A brutal video catches an NYPD officer bash an alleged fare beater in the head with a baton, opening a gash in the man’s head and sending him stumbling around the Brooklyn subway station in a daze.

Blood spurted from the cut and sprayed witnesses and the walls at the Myrtle Avenue J, M, Z stop during the arrest Thursday just before 8 p.m., Marielle Anas told the Daily News.

“It was one of the most awful things I’ve ever seen,” Anas, 28, said. “I have blood all over my jeans. The brutality of the nightstick – it was crazy. It looked like his head exploded. I couldn’t believe I was seeing it happen.”

Anas was on her way home from work when she stumbled upon the scene in the mezzanine area of the Bushwick station. The man was sitting on a wooden bench as the officer towered over the alleged fare beater and threw at least three punches at the baby-faced man’s head.

“The kid wasn’t doing anything – that’s why I started recording,” Anas said. “If can’t subdue this kid – he wasn’t even resisting that much!”

As Anas began filming, other bystanders, including the man’s girlfriend, began to yell at the officer to stop the beatdown. Anas went to call 911 just as the officer pulled out his truncheon and cracked the man on the head, sending him reeling across the room in a daze as blood poured from his skull.




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