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Officer says he and Michael Brown struggled for the gun

According to officials close to the investigation, Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson told authorities that he and Michael Brown struggled over his service weapon before shοts were fired. The
New York Times reports that this information was revealed to officials with inside knowledge of the federal civil rights investigation.

Officer Wilson reportedly admits that shοts were fired while he was still inside the vehicle, but says that was during the period where Brown reached for his weapon. One bullet struck Michael Brown in the arm while the other missed the unarmed teen.

Also, according to Wilson, Brown  pυnched and scratched him, leaving red marks on his face and neck.

Up until now, there was no public account of Wilson’s testimony to those who are investigating the slaying. Wilson’s version of events also does not answer the question of why he got out of his car and shοt Brown six times.

Some witnesses at the scene say Brown had his hands in the air at the time he was shοt, although, according to the St. Louis Dispatch, one witness told the grand jury that Brown’s hands were not up high.

According to the witness, “Brown put his arms out to his sides but never raised his hands high” and “Brown staggered toward Wilson despite commands to stop.”

It has also been revealed that Brown’s bloοd was found on Wilson’s gun, car and uniform.

Officer Wilson testified before the grand jury in September. According to the Times report, the Justice Department will probably not press federal charges against Wilson because “to press charges, the Justice Department would need to clear a high bar, proving that Officer Wilson willfully violated Mr. Brown’s civil rights when he shot him.”

Given that police are allowed to act with lethal force when they feel that their lives are in danger, this new information may not bode well for those seeking justice for Michael Brown.



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21 thoughts on “Officer says he and Michael Brown struggled for the gun

  1. Harrison

    The Police must be with first-degree murder. If Not Know one
    Well Have NO!! respect for police not USA. Message That they are sending is we THE POLICE can get away with murder!! By killing You!. People well Take action by any means at the Police the USA well Be every Man for himself.
    No respect for Citzion from our Life’s No! Respect of the Police Life either. This is what is Beening sad all over the USA this Ploice should Be Lock up for the rest of His Life, if M. Brown Kill him they would have Had ever Ploice man look for him with Murder charges the same day. How’s above the Law Now!!

  2. Unk

    Of course he told the grand jury he feared for his life, It’s part of the script. It’s right on page 28 of ‘The Policeman’s Guide to How to Get Away With Murder Handbook.’ We’ve all heard this line before.

    It’s way too convenient for a cop to claim someone is reaching for their gun when logistically it’s nearly impossible to quickly grab a holstered gun from a cop while they’re sitting down. The gun is in an awkward position and would take too long to get. No one in their right mind would do this without knowing the cop would defend himself and his weapon. Wilson wants everyone to be stupid enough to believe this far-fetched tale. Besides, Wilson was the one that yelled at them and told them get the F out of the street. Wilson is the one that threw his cruiser in reverse to confront the jay walkers, and Wilson is the one that grabbed Mike Brown by the neck to initiate the altercation. After all of that, now all of a sudden he gets frightened dealing with the same drama he started??? GTFOHWTBS!

    • andy

      My thoughts exactly no one would reach for a officer’s weapon like that.that cop has been told to say that, what happened is the cop snatched the kid toward him when the cop started reaching for his gun the kid tried to stop him gun goes off hit kid kid started running cop gets out of car in anger not going to be out done shoots kid down.he probably felt he had to kill him so no one would know what he had really done.the cop is lying punk, but he will walk.

      • Lisa Warren

        BS!!!!! My son is an Oklahoma State Trooper. He has had on 2 separate occasions where a man, tweeking on drugs has fought my son for his gun. The two men were both taller than my son, and am guessing they both thought they could take his gun, kill him, walk away. They were stopped for a busted tail light, for safety reasons, nothing more, nothing less. He had no plans of ticketing these 2 separate incidents. Yes, my son shot them in the separate struggles for his firearm. He didn’t kill, he shot both in the leg to stop them. Yes, there are bad cops, bad people of every generation, and of every color! My son is also a highly decorated Marine Vet who put his life on the line for our country. He now continues to put his life on the line to help maintain safety on our streets. And don’t even pull the race card, one of his very best friends, for many years is a black man! I believe it’s God’s job to judge, not ours!!!!

        • GWHIZ

          Lady: If what you say is true, your son should be commended. It’s obvious that not all law enforcement officers are cut from the same cloth. What I can’t understand is why you are so verbally violent in defending your son and he is not in any way involved in this case. And the remark about his friend is totally unwarranted. As a black man, I do not dare whether or not he has any friends of color. I do however care that he maintains a level of equilibrium when it comes to his role as a law enforcement officer. No matter what, crime is crime no matter who commits it. And punishment for crime should be meted out in even measure no matter what race or color or nationality commits the crime. That is the crux of the matter here. If in fact your son is of the high caliber that you say he is, I personally wish that he would be made a role model for all of the bad and racist officers that our community police forces seem to be so intent on hiring to “fairly” administer the “law”. But it doesn’t seem to work that way in Amerikkka. Quite to the contrary, there is a double standard that is applied in our country that has been since slavery. And the double standard is still in effect to this day in our “best nation” in this world.I’m just saying…

  3. S

    Blacks don’t respect themselves and they kill each other so why do u think another race should respect em??? Go protest the dude shooting into a home killing a 3 yr. black child in landover, md. Because someone wore his clothes!!! Go protest the dudes in Chicago killing a mans daughter saying they want that to be the last thing he sees before he dies! Get yourselves together, respect each other, respect the law, stop killing each other!!!!

    • blackallaround365

      Go find something constructive to do in your local community. Who are you to dole out recommendations, and advice on we should be conducting ourselves..take care ofnyour dam dirty laundry. How dare you, preach to black people about, what they should be doing. U are a very sick, and dislusional individual. As, I remember… And as it stands currently, the majority( so called whites folks) in America, have always conducted themselves like ruthless Godless,
      Savages, who will lie,steal, cheat, mane, kill, who’s lying. It’s a justifiable means, build into their crimnal justice systems, to acheive any objective necessary. The same majority, that stole the Americas…let’s just say from the real Americans. Then disease, and killed them. As, you always do forcing yourself…by raping the natives, children, and women, having the nerve to infiltrate the the various tribes with alcohol abuse, all over their land. Remember, violence, and murderous blood is in your DNA. What about the numberous crimes committed against humanity…the majority has gotten away with for centuries. At the same time you enslaved the Africans in the Americas…did far reaching acts of voilence acts to them. That was Holocaust..that is never truly called what it is. In our instances of being brutul, to one another, will never, ever compare to the daily murdous acts of the majority, in America…from the ranks of the majority. Their are a handful of men, who truly run America, and you are not one of them…the only connection you might have is the skin connection. So, stop trying to minimize black people experiences, you rotten SOB!

    • faye

      Just keep reading these kindergartens statements, laughter all the way, go back to school and learn how to write a complete sentence.

    • GWHIZ

      But we learned it from you “guys”. You started teaching “us” this on the way over from the homeland as we were herded like cattle and then bound in chains one on top of the other to have feces and urine rain down on us from above since “you guys” didn’t give “us” potty privileges. Guess they didn’t have toilets or paper back then. Who would think that a people as smart as “you guys” hadn’t thought that out before your trek to the new homeland for Britians’ worst criminals You’re another stupid Anglo assh*$e who doesn’t want to get or KEEP his HIStory. straight.

    • GWHIZ

      Hey Goofus: What about your “children” and young “adults” that indiscriminately go into highly “populated” areas and kill everybody in sight? And then play “crazy” or are found to be “crazy” because you Goofus F*&^)R) don’t believe in chastising your “children”? Your scientific studies back the notion that corporal punishment is not good for children, but when I was in school it was nothing for a translucent teacher to paddle a child of color. And they did it joyously, like this is what you need to be getting at home so you’d kn ow how to act here in school. But now you redact that behavior just like you redact anything that sheds negative light on your species. Leaven is a strong ingredient in your lives. Do you get the message? Did I spell everything correctly, even though back in the “good ‘ole days” people of color were not allowed the “privilege of learning how to read. Po’ folks could and would be put to death fo’ that.

  4. jboogie

    I bet you both did fight over the gun, once he realize you were trying to kill him first, which later prove he was right. So, what’s your point, besides being a cold blooded murderer. You are an evil animal and you need to die or be put in a cage and never release.

  5. Marquis

    This is not new information. They said this day one. It will be impossible for them to take this officer to trial because of all the conflicting witness testimony and the officers testimony. You can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt the the officer was in the wrong. This is why no black leaders are getting involved. It’s sad because a lot of blacks in Ferguson are about to get killed when they say the cop is not guilty.

    • Unk

      This is not a trail. This is just a grand jury deciding if there will be a trail. They don’t need much evidence to make that decision. As it’s been said before, a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich if it wanted to. The people testifying for the GJ don’t have to prove the case. There really is no conflicting information to speak of and if there was, it would be for the real jury to decide. If there isn’t an indictment, it would be because the GJ is corrupt and never planned to indict him in the first place. That would be a real robbery of justice for the people in Ferguson that would embolden the crooked cops of that city to kill again. This justice system is a joke. When the no-bill decision comes down, Michael Brown’s parents should put in their $150 million wrongful death and law suit. This is nothing but a huge police cover-up.

  6. TTrish

    Darren Wilson, you are a tall flat-head lying wonder. You got mad because two people you thought were beneath you had the audacity to disrespect your “authority”. I believe you sized the two of them up and decided to take on MB. You were the first to lay on hands and were further embarrassed because “your suspect” fought back. If you got scratches, it came from MB pulling away from you. You remind me of PWT that when given authority, (Barney Fife Syndrome) you always abuse it. You need to man up and tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions. Either way it goes you will never have peace. You will go through the rest of your miserable life looking over your shoulders, before you breathe your last breath, YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN!

  7. moptop

    Fact if you want to cover up a murder and make it look like self defense you need time and a cooperating group of people


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