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Orange Co. Commission candidate posts phony endorsement letter from Obama

President Barack Obama on the Facebook page of Orange County Commission candidate Derrick Wallace.

The letter, dated Oct. 27 and bearing a White House emblem and an apparently forged Obama signature, is filled with misspellings. The word “accommodate” is misspelled “accomadate,” and the word “nod” is misspelled as “node.”

In the letter the word Democrat is spelled with a lower case d.

It took Channel 9’s Mario Boone several emails and phone calls to track Wallace down and ask him about the letter.

“This came to us and we thought it was authentic,” Wallace said.

“You thought this was sent from the president?” Boone asked.

“I thought that was sent from the president,” Wallace said.

“But it’s filled with misspellings, something that the president probably would not have sent out,” Boone said.

“I was so happy to get that from the president that (I) posted it,” said Wallace.

Wallace said he deleted it Thursday morning after he realized it was a fake.

Victoria Siplin, his opponent, said people will see through it.

“I think we underestimate the intelligence of our voters, and I don’t think they will be fooled by that,” said Siplin.

WFTV political analyst Rick Foglesong said the bogus letter might hurt Wallace.

“It’s foolish to think that you could get by with something like this. But it’s also unethical because it would involve deception of voters,” said Foglesong.

Wallace told Boone he believes his political enemies sent the forged Obama letter in an effort to set him up in the final stretch of campaigning.




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