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Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are splitting without attorneys

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke had one of the most public and messiest marriages in all of Hollywood.  They’ve also begun to struggle over the last couple of years, as their collective star power has started to fade.

Paula recently filed for divorce from her husband, Robin.  The two had been married for eight years and separated for eight months.

Patton has cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split.  Of course, as in most Hollywood divorces, she is also accusing her husband of cheating.  As a result, Patton wants custody of their four-year old son, Julian.  However, she is letting Robin off the hook financially, since she is not requesting any spousal support.

The two both have plenty of income to take care of themselves.  Thicke has done quite well as a singer, although his last album flopped a bit.  Paula gets enough acting roles to keep the checks coming in, so it appears that the two just want to find a happily ever after someplace else.  In fact, the split, according to insiders, appears to be downright amicable.

The most amazing part of their split is that they are not using attorneys.  This shows that not only are they getting along in the midst of their divorce, they are also keeping their money in their own pockets rather than giving it all away to lawyers.  Good for them.

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It was also filed pro per, meaning without an attorney, hinting that the split may be an amicable one, though property rights are listed as yet to be determined.

“(It’s) all very peaceful,” a source close to the couple told the Daily News late Thursday.

The celebrity couple separated in February and five months later listed their Los Angeles mansion for $2.9 million.

The filing may prove to be a crushing blow to the American-Canadian singer, however, who since their split has undertaken a public campaign to win his high school sweetheart back.

In just one desperate show of his claimed affection he released his album “Paula” in July. That romantic gesture, however, tanked too with it selling only 25,000 copies in its debut week — only 530 of which were in the U.K.

Adding to the singer’s strife, last month he confessed that he stole credit for the hit, Grammy Award-nominated song “Blurred Lines,” which he said should have gone entirely to Pharrell Williams instead.




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3 thoughts on “Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are splitting without attorneys

  1. The Who's Who

    .. she could have taken him for half of the marriage assets ..and she chose not too, becuz she makes her own loot.. now that’s a LADY for ya.. and not a gold digger.. lets not go to court and fight over material THINGS,,just split and go our separate ways and the only thing that unites us is our son forever inspite of..

    ..good for both .. now they can concentrate on their son’s upbringing and the transition he’ll have to adjust too that mommy and daddy are no longer together..which is really hard for sons to adjust too.. sons need to see and be around DADDY daily-they need he leadership..all sons do..

  2. childofthesixties

    Glad to hear they are not using attorneys, lawyers keep all the hell going in divorces so they can end up with lots of money, especially in cases of the Hollywood elite!


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