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People Magazine apologizes for racially-offensive tweets

Thursday night was the night built for black consumers, who watch more TV than anyone else in the country.  It was the night of the premier of the shows “Scandal” and “How to get away with murder,” both connected to superstar TV writer, Shonda Rhimes.

The shows were big on Twitter and Facebook and everyone seemed to have good things to say.  Many media outlets also live-tweeted the television events as well.  People Magazine, however, had a huge FAIL in how it handled the marquee television productions with a series of tweets that are being described by some as racially-offensive.

Bloggers at TheRoot payed close attention to the tweets, which consisted of the following:

“Olivia’s back to straight hair so you KNOW she means business. #Scandal”

— People magazine (@peoplemag) September 26, 2014

The tweeter on the People Magazine account also reminded the world that Viola Davis once played a maid on “The Help.”  She was criticized for this role for the promotion of African American stereotypes.  Also, one has to be concerned about a magazine that believes that a black woman can only be serious and mean business if she’s got straight hair.  Maybe they should have just left that one alone.


In case you want to accept an apology coming from a magazine that was recently sued for racial discrimination, here you go.  But maybe it sounds like People Magazine needs a diversity change

“Apologies for the earlier tweet. We love HTGAWM & The Help, where that quote was from. But it was stupid & insensitive. Won’t happen again.”

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16 thoughts on “People Magazine apologizes for racially-offensive tweets

  1. Arneader

    As long as black people continue to live in the country in which they were enslaved….this will NEVER stop. Let’s face it.

  2. Maxue

    I have not read People Magazine in I don’t know how long! The racists have come out of the closet since President Obama was elected. Fox News, Republican politicians, right wing talk shows and cops have said it’s okay to insult black people now. They don’t even think about what they are say or tweet, or state on social media. The apologies are usually half baked, with a back handed compliment on the side.

    It’s open season on non-whites in this country. Just say the first idiotic thought in your head, and back peddle only when it gets too hot in the kitchen.

  3. James E. Jones

    Come on are we really surprise.

    Look apologizing for something that you meant to say is an insult. White America, especially in this country need to wake up. Blacks are not going anywhere. So continue to show the world your ignorance and racial behavior. If the truth be told you are nothing without us. You wealth and fame was stolen as well as your parents. How some of you wake up in the morning and go about your business proves that your like of respect for our culture as well as I race only proves that when every an opportunity presence itself your racism will always come to the forefront of your conversation. But I will admit you have gotten a little braver. You no longer hide behind your sheets. You now use your so call executive privilege and your nice suits and ties to protect your identity. But there’s only one problem; hate and racism is like cancer, no matter how long it hides and lay dormant it will come out sometimes when you don’t expect it. So Black America, don’t get angry at these fools and others like them; simply hit the rich where it hurts; in their pockets. Because money is their source of protection and status means everything.
    We have to learn to rise above racism no matter how painful it is; we have to rise above. To defeat any Army you must first destroy their ability to function financially.

    • Donald R

      First learn to speak and write before you try to make sense of the offense. Please and thank you. Im a brotha by the way.

    • sharon

      Very well said…

      Black people are considered “liquid GOLD”, we spend every dime we make on things to impress people who don’t give a rats ass about us at all…..

      If we would stop spending for just one day, just one, we could shut down a cities all over this country…..

      .we have no clue of our own power, likened to an elephant kept immobile by a 3 inch rope and a stake in the ground, we have no idea of our own strength……

  4. Jake Kennedy

    Listen: Black people are the biggest consumers in the country. Stop consuming. Stop watching t.v. Read a book. Stop buying. Wear the clothes you already have stuffed on top of others. What is wrong with you people? Stop buying. Stop being the biggest consumers in the country and owning little or nothing.
    Or stop complaining about what people say about you (when they continue to make billions off of you.)
    Let the change be in you.

    • brother TJ

      Everyone is on point. Sounds very conscious! We the conscious have to hook up for change. Our brainwashed brothers and sisters won’t wake up until we come together. Religion and TV is the slavemasters main and effective weapons. Side note …
      How do our people afford cable when we getting aid from the state? Wake up my people and get an antenna. No cable bill. Less lies for your family.

  5. Thelma Williams

    since money is the only language that whites understand talk to them with it.Get what you need and do a day a week without spending any thing with any one..Get your priorities together.notice that blacks watch more TV than anyone else.Why?You have allowed TV and movies to alter your reality. Please read some books that will be of benefit to you and your family.do more family activities especially with your children.really get to know your children.discus topics with them to see wha their thought processes are about different things.

  6. Norman Russell

    I have all the respect for the Haitians-they got rid of all the whites in Haiti(the enslavers) and took over the country……America might need a little shakeup-white folks are just downright nasty to anyone of colour


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