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Adrian Peterson may have grounds for a lawsuit against the NFL

Adrian Peterson is a superstar for the Minnesota Vikings.  But he is an embattled superstar right now, after being accused of abusing his four year old son.  The NFL suspended Peterson for the incident, and he originally faced charges.  But he has now avoided jail time and worked out a deal with the courts.  Despite all of this, he is still out of a job for the time being.

But Peterson recently announced that he’s ready to fight the NFL.  The former MVP says that he’s prepared to sue if necessary, according to Yahoo Sports.  This would increase the weight of the most recent fiasco that the league is already facing, as they lose money from not having one of their most celebrated athletes on the field ready to play.

The NFL Players Association filed a grievance against the NFL and said that the league should remove Peterson from the exempt list created by NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell.  The NFLPA says that there was originally an agreement signed with Peterson which stated very clearly that he would be allowed to return to the field once his legal situation was resolved.   So, it certainly appears that Peterson has the law on his side.

The legal resolution was relatively painless, but enough to teach the athlete a lesson.  He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge for hitting his son with a switch.  Despite original expectations, the league has still not set a timetable for Peterson to come back onto the field.   There is the added question that people are asking about whether or not spanking a child with a switch is a form of abuse.  Our grandmothers spanked us in a similar way as children, so does that mean your grandmother was trying to hurt you?

An added issue is the image of black males as violent creatures.  Peterson was suspended at the same time as Ray Rice, who hit his wife Janay.  Does this mean that the black man is violent beyond repair, or is the media painting a certain picture of him?

If the NFL intends on keeping Peterson in limbo indefinitely, the running back “would be open” to suing the league to obtain a resolution, the source said.

The Vikings’ front office has privately expressed support for Peterson’s return, two sources familiar with the Vikings told Yahoo Sports. However, at least one Vikings executive expressed concerns about how Peterson’s return would impact the team’s sponsorship deals, a source said.




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One thought on “Adrian Peterson may have grounds for a lawsuit against the NFL

  1. Theo

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