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Philadelphia High School Reports Third Teacher Attacked by Student In Less Than a Month

Reported by Kacie Whaley

The climate at a Southwest Philadelphia high school has been extremely tumultuous in recent years.  This week, yet another of its teachers was knocked unconscious.

Pewu Johnson was substituting an English class at John Bartram High School when he saw a female student sitting on a male student’s lap, as NBC10 reported.  Johnson, 68, said he told the students to stop, and told them that their actions were “against school regulations.”

“He told me ‘get the f*ck out of my face,'” Johnson said.

That was when the male student grabbed Johnson and body-slammed him to the ground, causing the substitute to hit his head so hard that he suffered a concussion.  Footage after the attack shows Johnson lying on the floor while student onlookers surround him.

“The boy dropped me down with so much force,” said Johnson. “I was out.”

Johnson was rushed to the hospital and treated for his head injury.  He is now at home recovering from pain in his neck.  “I am feeling really bad when it comes to twisting my head to look on my right or left,” he said.  “I was lucky that it didn’t break my neck.”

Johnson said that after he recovers, he will continue teaching, even possibly substituting at Bartram again.  He added that he is considering pressing charges against the boy who attacked him.

“The assault that occurred yesterday is the result of an individual making a dramatically poor choice,” reads Bartram High School’s statement regarding the attack. “The School District does not tolerate this type of behavior and is working with Bartram High School and Philadelphia Police to make sure that the student is disciplined and also charged.”

This is the third assault on a teacher to occur at this school in less than a month.  It is also the school’s second media-reported incident involving a student knocking out a school employee.  In March, a 17-year-old slammed a “conflict resolution specialist” into a wall.  The employee fractured his skull.  The student was arrested.

Jerry Jordan, the president of the Philadelphia Teacher’s Union, said that Bartram’s issues are due to lack of additional personnel that would typically prevent violence.

“Young people are not properly being supervised because the district has eliminated the services of non-instructional support personnel,” Jordan said.

Earlier this year, teachers reported that because of lack of necessary employees, staff are left to fend for themselves, and were even told not to bother calling for help before 9:30 a.m. because no one would be available to assist, according to philly.com.

“There are fights constantly,” said one teacher, who asked to remain anonymous. “I call downstairs for help – sometimes they answer and sometimes they don’t.”

“They’ve told us we’re not allowed to call 911 or we’ll be written up,” said social studies teacher Stephen Pfeiffer.  Three other school employees confirmed Pfeiffer’s claim.

For now, both teachers and students attend the school unaware of the danger that any given day may bring.

“There is great fear among the students and the staff here at Bartram,” said Antoinette Calimag, a teacher at the high school. “It’s a challenge to come everyday.”

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21 thoughts on “Philadelphia High School Reports Third Teacher Attacked by Student In Less Than a Month

  1. SweetTweet

    Ajweberman, your comments apply to the white boys who took out several students in the high schools on multiple occasions.

  2. WizardG

    ajweberman. You should understand that you are as insane as the rest of us! And if your genetic proclivity quip is aimed at all human beings. All of the mass death and destruction occurring around the world may back that idea up! Please try to curb in your (programmed) insanity towards racist thoughts.

    This whole \American\ system is failing \black people\, but not only has it failed us but it’s top criminal politicians have helped the 1% abuse and fail the whole of the populous! Try not to be so hard on the people since they have all been quite brainwashed, deceived, and lied to for generations! Try not to be too hard on black people because our existence in this country has been disliked, conspired against, and attacked from the day the Anglos began plundering Africa up until this very day! They have really \F’d us up\ in so very many ways, and are still screwing us royally! But still some of us are mentally assimilated to keep believing and trying, and in that, confusion and ignorance is relevant. and above all, self preservation is a rational human construct.
    The schools are inadequate, the society is inadequate, and the people of the US, as well as our world, are literally insane. Therefore we should expect nothing but animalistic insanity, hate, and violence in our future!

  3. Nita Love

    This is so sad. I feel like I just read a script from \LEAN ON ME\. Why haven’t this school been shut down? This school is being run like a prison.

  4. Davy de Verteuil

    How and when did it became genetic and by whom and what? You racist dirtbag. Who are creating and imposing wars on the rest of humanity for the past 2,000 years? what you think the Missiles bombs expensive aircrafts and vessels purify your mass murdering. I’d like to see those KO students get what they deserve but not for a moment perhaps until my times up I’d ever imagine forgetting or forgiving the Whiteman of his crimes against humanity, life’s too short! You F**kers think that you can rationalise the enormity of your continuing crimes as some historical phenomenon or mere statecraft. none of you not one are any different from Hitler Mussolini Menachem Begin European Royals Columbus George Bush Kissinger Churchill, Captain Cook Franco, we can go on. I mixed up the names of current &and contemporary history so that you’d get it straight, that your crimes haven’t ceased, and you’ll also noticed that I haven’t gone as far back as your slave trade…..Japan or Iraq was no KO it was a calculated genocide. You really think time has past and that we have forgotten.You miserable dandruff bleeding scaled popping death chambering archaic cannibal mudafucker.

  5. pamla

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  6. Angela

    What kind of work place environment tells their employees that if they call 911 they will be written up?!?! I know these people need their jobs but I would be on a serious new job hunt! And before accepting a job knowing that schools policy and procedures should be top priority!

  7. ericaf

    Pretty soon teachers will be extinct, nobody will want to go daily to a war zone. Where are the parents of these kids? They all can’t be from homes where no cares. Do they know what is going on in these schools? Frightening

  8. soulshadow55

    ajweberman: That’s a really funny statement coming from a white person! No other race on the planet has more proclivity towards violence, treachery and greed. Ever since your kind crawled out of the caves of Europe you’ve killed, murdered, poisoned, stolen land from people of other nations for your own sick, treacherous, perverted gain. Moreover, you’ve started numerous wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of people for their resources. You’ve enslaved millions of people because you were too lazy to work for yourself and once those slaves freed themselves you continued your unrelenting prejudice towards them. Denying them education, housing, health care, jobs, etc. Not to mention the two World Wars that you started which killed upwards of 50 million people (many of them your own white race). So don’t come on this site with your smug, arrogant bullshit comments about other races. You certainly must have a very large broken mirror because you never seem to want to turn it around and take a long hard look at yourself and all the violence and crime that you’ve committed on this plant. Until you can come to terms with your part in the world-wide mess that you’ve created spare me your ignorant comments.

  9. John Williams

    Wow… So much vitriol for a racist comment and almost no one has addressed the first level of responsibility for these crimes that exists with these perpetrators and parasites. Excuses for them abound but the bottom line is they know better. Period. This is symptomatic of a major public health problem, for sure, but that in itself does not exonerate the criminals. And if by the slimmest chance they do not know what they do is wrong, there were probably cues long before secondary school that something is organically wrong with them. I have a hard time imagining all of their parents, television, videogames and hip hop have not informed them of what constitutes criminal behavior. Stop with the excuses for them and hold them accountable I. Prison is probably extreme but most other treatments for this malady should be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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