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NYPD’s black deputy commissioner wanted more power, that’s why he quit

The sudden resignation of the NYPD’s highest-ranking African American officer was a blow to the image of the organization.  Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is now explaining what happened, and it turns out that he was one of the individuals most responsible for the Philip Banks’ decision to leave the force.

Banks was the #2 in the organization, set to put a black face on many of the questionable policies of the NYPD.   One of his key roles was to rebuild community relations, according to a source speaking with the New York Daily News.   Banks was also going to be in charge of the department advocate and trial room, where officers are disciplined for wrong-doing.

Banks was originally the chief of the department, serving 28 years on the force and was well-liked within the department.  But he suddenly walked away from the job, which stunned anyone observing the situation.  The source says that it was one 8:30 am meeting that led to him changing his decision.  He went from wanting to do the job to threatening to leave if he didn’t get more power.

According to the source, Banks informed Bratton that he wanted all department chiefs to report directly to him.   He also wanted control of the Internal Affairs Bureau.  They claim that a second-in-command has never wanted this much power.   But the NYPD has never been getting this much heat for their racism.  So, maybe they should have reconsidered.

The source says that Banks’ demands didn’t sit well with the commissioner, which led to Banks’ resignation.

That, for Bratton, was a deal breaker.

Still, Bratton and Banks parted amicably and the top cop headed over to City Hall for a 9 a.m. meeting with de Blasio, where he informed the mayor that Banks had turned down the promotion.

De Blasio told Bratton he already knew that — he’d seen it on NY1, the source said.

The mayor, who backs Bratton, was puzzled by Banks’ behavior, the source said.




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