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Politico Piece Suggests Obama Assassination Would Be His Fault

In a Politico Magazine essay titled, “Something Is Rotten in the Secret Service: And Obama’s life is in danger because of it,” writer Ronald Kessler suggests that if President Barack Obama is assassinated, he will have himself to blame, reports the Huffington Post.

“Agents tell me it’s a miracle an assassination has not already occurred,” Kessler wrote. “Sadly, given Obama’s colossal lack of management judgment, that calamity may be the only catalyst that will reform the Secret Service.”

Kessler’s assertion follows the latest Secret Service failure to protect the president.

Omar Gonzalez, 42, an Iraq war veteran who jumped over the White House fence on September 19 and traveled deep into the residence before he was stopped by an off-duty Secret Service agent, pleaded not guilty to federal and District of Columbia charges on Wednesday.

Secret Service director, Julia Pierson, the first woman to hold the position, resigned during the aftermath. But the president’s safety is just one part of this narrative.

Kessler’s incredibly insulting and potentially dangerous rhetoric falls squarely in line with the continued disrespect that Obama has faced during his terms.  But to suggest that the Leader of the Free World would be to blame for his own death because of subjectively sub-par management skills is a new low.

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