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Rapper Big Paybacc gunned down in California McDonald’s

West coast rapper Big Paybacc was shot and killed inside a southern California McDonald’s Thursday in a brazen, broad daylight attack.

“It was definitely intentional. This person walked in looking for this guy, walked up behind him, fired multiple shots and walked out,” Lt. John Corina with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told the Daily News Friday.

“He never saw it coming,” Corina said of the victim, whose formal identification was pending confirmation by the county coroner.

Paybacc – identified as the victim by his girlfriend at the scene – was eating lunch when the gunman targeted him shortly before 12:30 p.m.

“There were about 15 to 20 patrons and employees, so it was pretty brazen to walk in like that. Obviously the shooter wanted him dead for whatever reason,” Corina said.

He said investigators are reviewing security footage from more than 20 cameras at the McDonald’s and the next-door Chevron gas station in Palmdale, about 50 miles northeast of central Los Angeles.

“I think the video is really good, so we’ll probably get some good photos of his face and clothing,” Corina said.

He said the suspect is an African American male last seen wearing a grey hoodie and blue pants.

The suspect climbed into a dark car driven by someone else as he fled the scene, police said.

Paybacc, whose real name is Habib Ameer Zekajj, was a self-proclaimed member of the Whitsett Avenue Gangsters, a Crip-affiliated gang in the San Fernando Valley.




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