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Al Sharpton denies that he impregnated a woman who worked for him

Rev. Al Sharpton has a long history in public life and a lot of skeletons in his closet.  He’s been accused of being an FBI informant, has been stabbed at a protest, has people wondering if he’s dying, and has even run for President of the United States.  One thing that he hasn’t been accused of very often is being the father of an illegitimate child.

City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger is one of Sharpton’s longtime associates.  They worked together for many years before Rachel went to work at City Hall.  Now, Sharpton says that the press is trying to pin her son onto him, saying that he’s the father of her child.

Noerdlinger has already been under constant attacks by members of the media, who are digging pretty deeply into her personal life.  Many of these attacks come from longstanding feuds between the Sharpton team and the New York Daily News.   Now, Sharpton is being challenged again and is accused of owing $4.5 million in back taxes.

Sharpton, at a recent press conference held by the National Action Network, says that the media is continuing to try to find ways to bring him down, but he appears to be standing consistent and strong.  Noerdlinger is denying that Sharpton is the father of her son Khari, and says that it’s not even biologically possible, since the two met when the boy was three years old.

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At the presser at his National Action Network, Sharpton was asked if he’d welcome Noerdlinger back now that she has taken a leave of absence from her job as First Lady Chirlane McCray’s chief of staff to focus on her son Khari, 17.

He said he has not spoken to Noerdlinger about taking the job, and only talked to her about Khari’s well being.

“Ironically, about eight months ago, there was a reporter running around trying to prove that I was Khari’s father … I’ve gone from being too close to politicians, to being too close to entertainers, to people’s father’s that I’m not.”

In an email after the press conference, Noerdlinger said, “I met Rev. Al Sharpton in January 1999 for the first time. Khari Noerdlinger was born on December 20, 1996.”

Sharpton said the renewed focus on his well-documented tax issues stem from his close relationships with President Obama and Mayor de Blasio, and that he has made progress paying down the liens.




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