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Rev. Al Sharpton throws star-studded 60th birthday bash at Manhattan hotel

Al Sharpton threw himself a star-studded birthday bash at the Four Seasons in Manhattan Wednesday night.

The civil rights activist and MSNBC host was loving the limelight as political and creative luminaries came by to shake hands and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Sharpton, who turns 60 on Friday, beamed as a White House representative read him a celebratory letter from Barack and Michelle Obama.

When former First Lady Hillary Clinton called him with best wishes Wednesday, he announced it in a press release. She congratulated him on his birthday and he congratulated her on daughter Chelsea Clinton’s new baby, he said.

Politicians in tuxedos and evening gowns migrated to the Four Seasons from the nearby Waldorf Astoria, where the white-tie Al Smith dinner benefiting Catholic Charities was held.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, resplendent in a black tux, stopped by to tease Sharpton about his dramatic weight loss before turning serious.

“The Rev. is half the man he used to be … but he still has that sense of outrage at injustice. He’s no longer New York City’s Sharpton, he’s the nation’s Sharpton,” said Cuomo.

Unlike Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio ditched his fancy ensemble before showing up at Sharpton’s party.

Hizzoner was distinctly underdressed in a blue shirt and necktie as he entered the glitzy ballroom, decked out in gold and silver balloons and festooned with life-size cut outs of Sharpton.




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