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Attorney for Eric Garner’s family steps back to deal with rape allegations

Sanford Rubenstein, the respected attorney who is representing the family of Eric Garner, has withdrawn from the case.  The attorney is leaving the $75 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against the city because he has his own legal problems to deal with.  He says that he’s dismissing himself from the case to ensure that there are no distractions going forward for the Garner family.

“I will be stepping back from any role representing the family of police-choking victim Eric Garner so there are no distractions from the family’s fight for justice,” Rubenstein said in a statement.

“Other highly capable attorneys will remain on the team representing the Garner family and will continue to press for justice and accountability.”

A woman says that she was “held down” by Sanford when they were sleeping together at his penthouse on New York’s Upper East Side.  She says that she attended Rev. Al Sharpton’s 60th birthday party with the man, and that the rape incident occurred shortly thereafter.  The woman went to his apartment after the event, and that’s when the incident took place.  She is pushing to have the attorney arrested and will likely also file a civil lawsuit as well.

Rubenstein’s firm filed a notice of claim with the city on Tuesday announcing plans for a civil-rights lawsuit over Garner’s July 17 death from an NYPD cop’s apparent chokehold.

Rubenstein’s first public words since the alleged rape came as a source close to the victim told The Post she suffered upper-arm bruising apparently “from being held down” during the Oct. 2 night at Rubenstein’s Upper East Side penthouse.

The source said the victim, who claims she was attacked by Rubenstein after both attended the Rev. Al Sharpton’s 60th birthday party, also suffered genital bleeding and bruising.

The victim’s lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery, said Rubenstein should already be behind bars.

“This case should be going to a grand jury,” Montgomery said. “An arrest should have already been made. I think him being a wealthy, powerful person has much to do with it, absolutely.”

The accuser, a 42-year-old retail exec, told cops she went to Rubenstein’s apartment with a friend after Sharpton’s party.




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